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Fiio M11 Pro Audio Player Issues You May Concern  | Hifigo

Fiio M11 Pro Audio Player Issues You May Concern | Hifigo

Fiio M11 Pro DAP is expected to be arranged to sales agents around the world at the end of this month - September, reported by Fiio officially via their Weibo Pages. 

Fiio M11 Pro

We got some information from Fiio about M11 pro audio player that you are maybe concerned about. 

1.FiiO audio player products line

According to Fiio's unformal announcement, three models M11 Pro, M15, M15 Pro will be released after the M11. However, the available date of them will be different because these models are developed all by the same R&D team, it is impossible to launch them at the same time.

Fiio M11 Pro 5
2. Who might need Fiio M11 Pro?

They are might be the users who purchased the X7/X7MK2 with AM3D. In fact,  M11 pro also could be named "X7MK3". Both AM3D and M11 Pro, are utilizing THX AAA amp technology with similar sound signatures. M11 Pro player adopts two AK4497s as the DAC chip, which are more musical than the ESS chips on the X7/X7MK2. Of course, what's more, important is the main control, display, function, and control experience improved much compared to the X7/X7MK2.

Fiio M11 Pro 2
3.Why is M11 pro $200 higher than M11?

Though M11 Pro priced $769 ( $20 coupon Code from Hifigo.com: FIIOM11PRO), around $200 higher than the standard version of M11 (varies by tariff and VAT), it is still very competitive compared to some brands with a higher price and lower configuration.
Fiio spends $ 200 more for better chip AK4497, larger capacity FLASH chip (32G more), better amp chip and THX license fee, independent analog volume adjustment chip addition, larger battery (approximately increase 600 mA).

Fiio M11 Pro 2

4.The shipping date of Fiio M11 pro audio player?

Various testing and inspection before shipping, debugging software details, etc. really take much time after M11 pro production, M11 Pro will be available for shipping at the end of this month by Fiio reporting officially.

Fiio M11 Pro 3
6. Fiio M11 Pro stainless steel version

Fiio M11 Pro stainless steel version is really extremely beautiful. The stainless steel version weighs 100 grams more. It is said by Fiio frankly, most of us don't care about the tiny difference in the sound signature between the difference in Fiio M11 Pro stainless steel version and M11 pro standard version, Therefore, they will not make mass-produce Fiio M11 Pro stainless steel version. There are reasons besides. 1. The defective rate is too high to produce because of the strict standard of Fiio. 2. People who like it maybe won't buy it. Fill has to consider the potential quantity from the market properly to avoid the excessive stock.

Fiio M11 Pro 4


M11 vs M11 pro

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