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FiiO LC-RE Announced: High-End Modular Cable!!

FiiO LC-RE Announced: High-End Modular Cable!!

FiiO is a well-known name in the audio equipment industry with its products in almost all gear departments, FiiO has class-leading digital audio players, in-ear monitors, and DAC/AMP’s, but this time they have announced a latest cable upgrade for in-ear monitors, the FiiO LC-RE.

The FiiO LC-RE is a hybrid cable consisting of pure crystal copper, gold plated crystal copper, and pure silver cables in scientific Litz type 2 twisting providing the users with a distinctive sound signature, with a wider staging and detailed sound signature as compared to the stock cables. The cable is available in two different variants MMCX and 0.78mm Two-pin which you can choose while ordering, you can order one from our store here.

Some of the features of the FiiO LC-RE are as follows:-

Hybrid Wire Configuration:-

FiiO LC-RE-1

The FiiO LC-RE cable is made up of high-quality precious materials, it has pure crystal copper, pure silver, and gold plated pure crystal copper wires in scientific Litz Type 2 Twisting configuration, the strands are tight covered with medical-grade resin material which provides a transparent covering with greater flexibility and a soft finish to the cable. The overall texture of the cable is clear, rich, and also adds a premium feel with its precious materials.

Better Material, Better Sound Signal Transmission, Better Sound Clarity:-

FiiO LC-RE-2

Usually, the stock wires are made up of OCC or SPC materials but the FIiO LC-RE is made up of premium materials which provides very low internal resistance to the audio signal and provides a much better overall sound output with a deeper lower end, crispier vocals, and a smoother treble section. The soundstage will be much wider and detailed, the instrument separation and imaging will be clearer. The overall sound clarity is increased with the FiiO LC-RE cable.

Modular Plugs for Better Versatility:-

FiiO LC-RE-3

With FiiO LC-RE, brand has adopted the screw lock modular plug design, yes you can now use different plugs which are included in the package to use your IEM with different output ports on your Digital Audio Players, there are three different plugs included in the package, 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4 balanced port. So the cable supports all the different ports available with all the previous and latest generation of players.

Two-Variants To Buy:-

FiiO LC-RE-4

There are two different variants of FiiO LC-RE cable, it comes in MMCX and 0.78mm Two-Pin Connectors, Almost every IEM out there today in the market is equipped with either of these two connectors so you can buy the variant which is familiar with your IEM’s.

The FiiO LC-RE is a very promising cable, equipped with precious materials, it greatly improves the sound quality over the stock cables, provides better extensions at the lower and higher-end, and the best part is it comes with multiple modular plugs to use it offers great versatility to use our beloved IEM’s with different output ports, the Cable is priced at 219.99$ and you can buy it from our store here.

Other Famous Products From FiiO:-

FiiO LC BT-2:-

FiiO LC BT-2 is the latest Bluetooth cable from the brand that is available in two variants MMCX and 0.78mm Two-Pin, features Bluetooth 5.0 and all the Hi-Res Bluetooth codecs like LDAC, AptX, AptX HD and many more.


FiiO M15:-

FiiO M15 is the flagship digital audio player from FiiO, it features class-leading flagship-level DAC, AK4499EQ, flagship Bluetooth chip CSR8675, Three output ports, Lightning fast Samsung Exynos Chipset, and many more features.

FiiO FH7:-

FiiO FH7 is the flagship pair of in-ear monitors from the brand, it is equipped with a five driver hybrid unit each side, with four Knowles balanced armatures and one dynamic driver unit, offers multiple sound filters, and comes with an audiophile-grade 8-Stranded silver-plated OCC cable.

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