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FiiO K19 Flagship Dual ES9039SPro Desktop All-in-One DAC/AMP

FiiO K19 Flagship Dual ES9039SPro Desktop All-in-One DAC/AMP

FiiO is one of the most happening brands in the Audio industry. They have regular updates and new products planned in their lineup that it never gets boring with them. They keep you on your feet with attractive new releases regularly. Today, FiiO introduced a bunch of new products, first of which is the all-new FiiO K19. It is their flagship studio-grade desktop all-in-one DAC/AMP. Designed with top-quality hardware components featuring flagship Dual DAC Arrangement, 8-channel THX AAA 88+ amp chipset, ultra-low phase noise accusilicon crystal oscillators, etc., the FiiO K19 unleashes true high-resolution audio performance at your desktop. It features 31-band highly precise lossless PEQ that allows you to easily adjust different frequency bands without affecting the Source Sampling Rate Conversion. FiiO K19 is your one-stop solution for high-end audio requirements in your desktop!!

FiiO K19-1

FiiO K19 is launched officially for $1349.99, available in two stunning colour options, get yours today!!

At the very heart and core of the FiiO K19, the device houses a flagship dual DAC arrangement. FiiO has trusted the K19 with two ES9039SPro latest-generation 8-channel DAC chipsets from ESS Sabre Technologies. These 32-bit DAC Chips benefit from 4th-generation HyperStream architecture and promises top-level performance with low distortion and high dynamic range. Be prepared to hear every minute detail with a rich and dense tone with the FiiO K19. Paired to this clean high-res dual DAC setup, we have an 8-channel THX AAA 88+ amp chipset. The THX Amp chips are placed in parallel to each other creating a fully balanced 4-channel Amp section on the device. It provides a strong output thrust producing up to 8W per channel output which is adequate enough to drive even the most demanding headphones with ease.

FiiO K19-2

FiiO has featured DEL(Dual-Engine Limiter) technology on the K19. With some proprietary algorithms, the FiiO K19 supports different audio settings including Dynamic Range Compression(DRC), and Dynamic Range Enhancement(DRE). It has a highly precise 31-band lossless PEQ equaliser allowing the users an adjustment range of +12~-24dB for every band without any interference in the sample rate conversion(SRC). FiiO K19 features a high-quality reinforced shock-proof frame. It has an excellent build quality with CNC Machined aluminium alloy chassis. FiiO has thought all about heat dissipation and designed the device in such a manner that it runs cool and efficiently.

FiiO K19-3

FiiO K19 is the first device in FiiO’s lineup to feature HDMI and ARC input options. You can connect it to a wider range of devices with these inputs supported now. We also have traditional inputs including USB, Bluetooth, Coaxial, and Optical. FiiO has made sure the K19 delivers the best performance with its exceptional core components. Every single component here has been carefully chosen for enhanced audio performance. This includes dual independent femtosecond crystal oscillators, Panasonic capacitors, silver-plated OFC internal connection cables, NEUTRIK Gold-Plated connectors, etc.

FiiO K19-4

FiiO K19 delivers efficient performance with its well-designed dual-mode power supply. It has separated and shielded digital and analog circuits with a DC/AC dual-mode power supply and a multi-stage analog power supply. It works effortlessly and delivers a sonic experience which you will appreciate every single time. Fiio K19 is a one-stop solution for your high-end HiFi audio needs in a desktop setup. This single device can single-handedly provide you with sonic excellence with its class-leading DAC/AMP section. You can order yours with us for just $1349.99, check out more details here.

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