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FiiO Jade Audio JW1 Bluetooth V5.3 Open-Truly Wireless Earphones

FiiO Jade Audio JW1 Bluetooth V5.3 Open-Truly Wireless Earphones

FiiO through its subsidiary brand Jade Audio has released a brand new set of truly wireless Bluetooth earphones, the FiiO Jade Audio JW1. Different from traditional TWS earbuds, the new Jade Audio JW1 has a non-in-ear design. The earphones sit on the outer side of your ears and provide an excellent sound-listening experience. The JW1 houses a large-sized 14.2mm dynamic driver unit that produces strong sound output. Jade Audio has designed it in an open True Wireless Design, with Sweat Proof and Water Resistance ratings the JW1 is an ideal choice for workouts and other outdoor activities. Its open design makes you aware of your surroundings while indulging in good-quality music!!

FiiO Jade Audio JW1-1

FiiO Jade Audio JW1 is launched officially for $34.99. It is available in two eye-catchy colour options, White & Black.

The Jade Audio JW1 has a purely open design. There’s no more discomfort with earphones sitting deep into your ears. FiiO and Jade Audio have carefully designed the JW1 with its unique Non-In-Ear design. The pair is designed to sit comfortably on the outer side of your ear and provide great comfort even for hours of usage. Its open design keeps you aware of your surroundings. This makes it an impeccable choice for outdoor activities such as travelling, riding, jogging, workouts, etc. It’s also suitable for work and office environments where you don’t want to miss any information from your colleague and still want to enjoy your music.

FiiO Jade Audio JW1-2

Jade Audio JW1 packs a 14.2mm large-sized dynamic driver unit. It produces a powerful output with strong bass response, crystal clear midrange, and a nice & smooth treble section, a balanced and lively tuning that complements different genres of music well. The JW1 supports Wireless Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity. It provides a fast, smooth, stable connection with the source device. You won’t notice any lag, and the overall connection is smooth. There won’t be any lag or delay even while watching movies or playing video games with the JW1.

FiiO Jade Audio JW1-3

FiiO Jade Audio JW1 houses a large-capacity battery. The TWS lasts for up to 6 hours with a single charge. With the carry case, the total battery life can be as high as 18 hours. JW1 is a wonderful set of TWS, Open TWS we can say, that promises quality sound, stable wireless connectivity and also keeps us aware of our surroundings. Take the FiiO Jade Audio JW1 with you whether you are just relaxing or running out!! At just $34.99 price tag, the JW1 is a fantastic TWS to own. Know more details and features here.

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