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FiiO Jade Audio JD7: Brand New Dual-Magnetic Dual-Cavity Single-Dynamic Driver IEMs

FiiO Jade Audio JD7: Brand New Dual-Magnetic Dual-Cavity Single-Dynamic Driver IEMs

FiiO’s sub-brand Jade Audio has released a brand new single-dynamic driver pair of in-ear monitors, introducing the all-new Jade Audio JD7. With a 10mm PU Polymer diaphragm and dual-magnetic circuit design, the JD7 packs a powerful performance in a compact form factor. The pair features high-quality 316L stainless steel ear cavities with a semi-open back cavity design for best comfort and an open sound presentation. FiiO has carefully adjusted the tuning of the new JD7 matching it closely to the Harman Frequency Curve Response 2019. It depicts a balanced sound profile with punchy lower-end, and crisp instrument details, a tuning that will complement different genres of music well.

Jade Audio JD7-1

Jade Audio JD7 is priced quite attractively with a price tag of just 77.99$, check out more information here.

Jade Audio JD7 is a result of years of experience by FiiO. The pair features a specially developed 10mm dynamic driver unit with dual-magnetic circuits and a dual-cavity design. The driver unit here actually has two separate magnetic circuits, one inside the driver and one outside the driver cavity. With magnetic conductivity enhancer technology, JD7 achieves an amazingly high magnetic flux of over 1 Tesla. It ensures clean output, and lower distortion. The strong magnetic flux moves more air and produces a powerful, better-textured lower-end response. The strong magnetic flux also treats the pair with high sensitivity, making it easy to drive off any given source.

Jade Audio JD7-2

JD7’s driver features a high-quality PU gasket Polymer diaphragm coil. It’s ultra-thin and super stiff in nature which helps in effectively minimizing unwanted vibrations. FiiO has adjusted the tuning of the JD7 closely to the Harman Frequency Response Curve of in-ear 2019. The pair is designed to complement different genres of music well enough with excellent bass response, natural midrange, and exceptional high-frequency clarity.

Jade Audio JD7-3

FiiO JD7 features high-quality 316L stainless steel ear cavities. The shells are made up of metal poweder using injection molding technology. The pair has a rich, premium textured finish. FiiO has designed them with a semi-open back cavity design that help in getting open soundstage as well as comfortable wearing experience with the pair by releasing the air-pressure build-up on the ear drums.

Jade Audio JD7-4

FiiO Jade Audio JD7 comes with a bunch of high-quality stock accessories. It gets you going straight out of the box with its high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper MMCX cable, new HS18 ear tips, black memory foam ear tips,  and a premium HB1 carry case. JD7 is launched at an attractive price of just 78$, feel free to check out more details on the product page here.

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