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FiiO Introduces Q15: Latest AK4499EX+AK4191 Portable DAC/AMP

FiiO Introduces Q15: Latest AK4499EX+AK4191 Portable DAC/AMP

FiiO is a reputed name in the hi-fi audio industry. They are among the most prominent HiFi audio brands from China. And why not, FiiO definitely has one of the biggest range of products across different price brackets. They are quite active in the industry and we usually see new and updated products from them. Today, we are super excited to bring you their latest product, the FiiO Q15. The FiiO “Q” series is meant for portable USB DAC/AMPs, the latest Q15 is a desktop-level performer in a compact portable form factor. We get flagship AKM DAC chips along with a high-power amp section with five-level gain modes and a maximum output power of up to 1600mW, enjoy outstanding sound quality with impressive clarity and tremendously clean output!!

FiiO Q15-1

FiiO Q15 is launched officially for an interesting price of $399.99. You can check out more details here.

FiiO has designed the Q15 with top-quality internal components. It features AKM’s current flagship AK4499EX+AK4191 DAC chipset that provides exceptional sound signal decoding. Along with the XMOS XU316 USB processor, we get precise sound signal decoding supporting Hi-Res 32-bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD512, and full MQA sound signals. It features dedicated Phone mode, when switched on the Q15 works on its own battery and doesn’t drain power from the connected source device. This ensures cleaner performance and longer battery backup on the phone. The Q15 achieves impressive performance with ultra-low distortion and high SNR performance. It has a dedicated Amp section that provides powerful amplification to the signal. The device has an output power rating of up to 1600mW, powerful enough to easily drive even the demanding headphones with ease.

FiiO Q15-2

FiiO Q15 houses Qualcomm’s latest QCC5125 high-performance Bluetooth chipset. It processes Bluetooth signal precisely and provides a stable, lag-free Bluetooth connectivity with the source device. We have full support for high-res LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, AAC, and SBC transmission protocol support. You can enjoy high-resolution audio with wireless input to the Q15. Apart from USB and Bluetooth, we also have Coaxial input on the Q15 that enables easy connection with CD Players and other devices with Coaxial output. The Q15 features a colourful display screen that shows various settings including active connection type, bitrate, volume level, battery, etc. For outputs, FiiO has included 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs on the Q15.

FiiO Q15-3

Inside the FiiO Q15, we have a 15-way digital-analog power supply with independent supply to different sections(Analog, Digital, Headphone AMP, etc). 21 low-noise LDOs are distributed for accurate regulation and 35 low-resistance tantalum capacitors are distributed for abundant energy reserves. It ensures we get cleaner output with better details and a refined output free from any background noise.

FiiO Q15-4

Another key feature in the FiiO Q15 is the global PEQ function. It has 7EQ presets and 3 customizable PEQ presets. PEQ can be used in both Bluetooth mode and USB DAC mode. Through the precise algorithm developed by FiiO, you can adjust the output to your liking corresponding to exact frequencies, allowing you to easily play around the device and experience different signatures with a simple PEQ function.

FiiO Q15-5

FiiO Q15 is an ultimate powerhouse and a rich and smooth-sounding portable USB DAC/AMP. Simply hook this one up with your smartphone or other devices and enjoy high-resolution sound performance anywhere you like!! FiiO Q15 is launched officially for an attractive price tag of 399.99$, you can grab yours here.

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