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FiiO Introduces All-New White BTR7 High-End Bluetooth DAC/AMP

FiiO Introduces All-New White BTR7 High-End Bluetooth DAC/AMP

FiiO has introduced a brand new color scheme for its highly-acclaimed BTR7 Bluetooth DAC/AMP device. Get the amazing BTR7 in all-new White and Blue themed design. Still carrying the exciting mechanical theme design, the new BTR7 is now available in a white frame and blue buttons. The device now looks cool and beautiful. It has a new eye-catching appearance whether it’s placed on the desktop or held in your hand. BTR7 can now b bought with a choice between two color options, the traditional midnight black or the new cool White and Blue variant.

FiiO BTR7 White-1

FiiO BTR7 is an interesting Bluetooth DAC/AMP equipped with best-in-class components. It’s available for just 199.99$, feel free to check out more information here.

This new White color scheme is crafted using a high-quality electrophoresis-processed aluminum alloy that gives the BTR7 a rigid layer of coating. It is resistant to acid, alkali, and salt erosion. Even if you are using it in a relatively harsh environment, the brand-new BTR7 is still tough enough to overcome fading and discoloration. It will always be a great looking device!!

FiiO BTR7 White-2

BTR7 originally came out last year and it has been a fan favorite ever since. After all, it comes equipped with some top-level components including a high-performance Dual DAC arrangement, the latest Qualcomm’s Bluetooth chipset, powerful THX amplifiers, etc that ensure a musical sound experience. FiiO has equipped the BTR7 with dual ES9219C DAC chips. These are 32-Bit high-performance DAC chips that deliver improved performance over the last generation with better dynamic range, better signal-to-noise ratio, and lower distortion in the output signal. BTR7 supports high-resolution PCM and DSD signals while connected to the source device via a USB cable.

FiiO BTR7 White-3

FiiO BTR7 features a dual THX AA-28 high-power amp chipset. They provide exceptional amplification delivering quality sound with a clean background. With 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended dual headphone outputs, the BTR7 is compatible with most IEMs and headphones in the market today. BTR7 houses Qualcomm’s latest QCC5124 Bluetooth chipset. It offers Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity. It’s much more improved than the previous Bluetooth versions with better stability and better connection with the source device. BTR7 supports all the latest high-resolution codecs including LDAC, AptX HD, AAC, SBC, etc.

FiiO BTR7 White-4

FiiO BTR7 is an award-winning portable Bluetooth DAC/AMP. It’s a fan favorite for its excellent sound clarity and outstanding dynamics while keeping the size small and compact. The latest BTR7 is now available in an exciting new White color scheme. If you are planning to get a portable Hi-Res Bluetooth DAC/AMP, the BTR7 is an ideal choice at just 199.99$. You can get more information on the BTR7 over here.

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