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FiiO FT5 Brand-New 90mm Planar Magnetic Driver Full-Sized Headphones

FiiO FT5 Brand-New 90mm Planar Magnetic Driver Full-Sized Headphones

Founded back in 2007, FiiO is one of the most prominent High-Fidelity brands in the Audiophile industry. From a fantastic range of in-ear monitors to high-performance music players, portable USB DAC/AMPs, and even full-sized headphones, FiiO has them all. A few months back FiiO introduced their first even full-sized headphones in the form of FiiO FT3. The pair got good reviews from users worldwide and became a success for the brand. Following the footsteps ahead, FiiO has now brought us an all-new headphone, introducing the FiiO FT5. FiiO FT5 is the brand’s entry into the world of full-sized planar magnetic driver IEMs. The pair houses a large 90mm planar driver with a 6um ultra-thin diaphragm and specially engraved micron-plated aluminum-silver alloy coil. Packed with performance, FiiO FT5 takes you out on a musical ride!!

FiiO FT5-1

FiiO FT5 is launched for 449.99$, you can check out more details here.

For their first planar magnetic driver headphones, FiiO has designed a brand new 90mm large-sized planar magnetic driver unit. This driver adopts a 6um ultra-thin diaphragm with a micron-plated aluminum alloy coil. The diaphragm has a nanoscale-level coating for a consistent design. The pair has a dual-magnetic circuit featuring 20 high-power neodymium magnets on each side. It has a dual-magnetic design with 11 magnets on the internal magnetic architecture and 9 on the external magnetic architecture. They both have been implemented in such a way that they balance out and produce a true Tesla-grade magnetic flux. This helps in providing a clear sound with ultra-low distortion and high-sensitivity characteristics to the FiiO FT5. The pair can be enjoyed easily with most sources including portable USB DAC/AMPs, Audio players, and even smartphones.

FiiO FT5-2

FiiO has showcased its ultimate craftsmanship in the FT5, the pair has an open-back design and features lightweight Magnesium-Aluminum alloy earcups. It has 3-way swiveling earcups that ensure we get a comfortable fit while listening to the headphones. The outer materials are carefully chosen to get the perfect sound quality with comfortable ergonomics. FiiO also includes two sets of earpads in the package, this includes Suede and Protein leather earpads. The Suede earpads have a balanced and smooth sound while the Protein Leather ones have clear details and crispier details.

FiiO FT5-3

FiiO FT5 comes with a high-purity monocrystalline copper cable. The high-purity wire cores promise smooth signal transmission. FiiO has designed the cable with a swappable termination plug so that users can pair it with different sources without investing more in a different cable. The pair comes with 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced termination plugs. We also have a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter and a 4.4mm to 4-pin XLR adapter included in the package.

FiiO FT5-4

FiiO FT5 is a premium-sounding full-sized planar magnetic driver headphone. It has been designed with great precision and the tuning has been adjusted by professional acoustic engineers to achieve a clear and crisp sound with ultra-low distortion characteristics. It also has an amazing build quality with a lightweight Mg-Al alloy metal build. FiiO FT5 is launched officially for 449.9$, you can check out more information here.

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