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FiiO FD1 Beryllium Plated Dynamic Driver IEM Released

FiiO FD1 Beryllium Plated Dynamic Driver IEM Released

Who doesn’t know FiiO, they are China-based audio equipment manufacturers specializing in manufacturing almost all kind of audiophile gears. Whether it be the latest pairs of in-ear monitors, or digital audio players, or even desktop solutions, FiiO is bringing us new and updated products on a daily basis. Last month the brand released several new products including entry-level FiiO M3 Pro DAP, Multi BA driver FiiO FA9 flagship pair of in-ear monitors, and more products. This time the brand has released the latest budget-friendly single beryllium plated dynamic driver unit, FiiO FD1. Beryllium is a very rich and premium material that makes the dynamic driver membrane very lightweight while maintaining its swiftness and strength. All the latest single dynamic driver IEM’s now a day either have beryllium coating or the flagship models have beryllium made driver units. The latest FiiO FD1 is a very promising pair priced at just 70$, you can check more details here.   

FiiO FD-1


>10mm Beryllium plated dynamic driver unit.

>N50 Two-Way Magnetic Circuit.

>Balanced pressure relief technology.

>Celluloid faceplates.

>4-Strands High-purity single crystalline copper cable.

>Frequency response range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Sensitivity: 109dB/mW.

>Impedance: 32Ohms.

>0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

>3.5mm termination plug.

>HB1 Carry case.

Beryllium Plated Single Dynamic Driver Unit:-

The sound output in FiiO FD1 is handled by beryllium plated 10mm large dynamic driver unit on each side. Beryllium is a very lightweight premium material that is thin and very rigid. It brings swift movement of the coil inside the dynamic driver unit and provides a majestic sound output. Beryllium plated drivers are usually found in mid to high-end IEM’s. The driver has a two-way magnetic circuit that provides greater magnetic flux, energetic sound quality output.

Unmatched Sound Output with Deep bass:-

FiiO FD1-2

The FiiO FD1 is tuned in such a manner that it provides a smooth and detailed sound output with a crisp rich deep response. The lower end is rich with crisp thumps and good detailing with crisp vocals and rich instrument details. It has a wide frequency response range of 10Hz-40kHz providing great extensions at the lower and higher ends. The pair has FiiO patented balanced pressure relief technology that enables the pressure to stay in a balanced state. This enables the pair to provide a distortion-free sound output with large dynamics.

Beautiful Looks, Ergonomic Design:-

FiiO FD1-3

The earpieces in FiiO FD1 has beautiful looks with unique celluloid faceplates. It is available in two different colors, Blue and Black and it looks gorgeous in both colors. The faceplates have a rich layered celluloid design that complements the unique texture and glossy style of the earpieces. The design is very ergonomic and lightweight and it provides a comfortable and firm fit for the users.

High-Grade Monocrystalline Cable:-

The FiiO FD1 comes bundled with a 4-strands high-quality single crystal copper cable with a 3.5mm termination plug. Each strand consists of 30 cores, so it is a 12 core cable with high-quality pure crystal copper material. Each wire is insulated well from each other ensuring high-quality audio signal transmission without any interruptions providing unmatched sound signal quality.

FiiO FD1-4

The FiiO FD1 is a very promising pair of in-ear monitors at pocket-friendly prices. It offers high-end beryllium plated dynamic driver unit providing the users with a crisp sound quality output with rich deep bass, energetic, and fuller sound clarity. It is available for just 70$, check out more details here.

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