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FiiO FA9 IEM Released!!

FiiO FA9 IEM Released!!

FiiO has released its latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors, the FiiO FA9. FiiO has multiple series of in-ear monitors out of which FiiO FH and FiiO FA are the best series. The FA9 has six Knowles balanced armature driver units each side to provide the users with an unmatched crisp sound quality with an airy wide soundstage. The FA9 earpieces are lightweight 3D printed resin shells with diamond cut faceplate design. The pair features a precision designed three-tone tube with four-way frequency response and three-way tuning switches so that users can switch the tuning of the unit as per their preferences. FiiO FA9 is priced at 599.99$, you can order one from our store here.

FiiO FA9-1

Unmatched Sound Clarity:-

FiiO FA9 features six Knowles balanced armature driver units that provide the users with a well-detailed sound output with crisp clarity. It features SWFK-31736  balanced armature unit for providing a crisp detailed treble section, Knowles 33877 unit for providing solid sweet vocals and acoustic details in the mids section and HODVTEC-31618 unit to provide a thick, deep, and rich lower end.

3D Printed Resin Shells:-

FiiO FA9-2

The earpieces in FiiO FA9 are made with a precise 3D printing technique using a skin-friendly resin material. They are very lightweight and ergonomic, they provide a comfortable and firm fit for the users. The faceplate has a unique diamond-cut design that provides a rich and outstanding look to the pair.

80.6mm Large Acoustic Tube:-

To provide natural and lifelike vocals and reduce the multi-driver distortion and overlapping, FiiO has designed a large 80.6mm acoustic catheter. The earpieces have a three-tone tube with a four-way frequency response to provide unmatched sound quality.

8-Core Single-Crystalline Silver Plated Copper Cable:-

FiiO FA9 comes with an 8-core single-crystalline silver-plated copper cable that provides an uninterrupted sound signal from the source to the earpieces. They offer very low in-cable distortion and provides pure sound output.

Universal MMCX Connectors:-

FiiO FA9 has universal MMCX connectors, that provide a stable connection between the cable and the earpieces. It also opens the world of future cable upgrades with ease.

Three-Way Tuning Switch & Hi-Res Certification:-

FiiO FA9 is equipped with a three-way electronic switch that users can use to tune the sound output according to one’s personal preference. The pair has received Hi-Res certification from the Japanese Audio Association, it is able to provide details better than cd quality.

Quality Accessories Bundled in the Package:-

FiiO FA9 comes with high-quality accessories bundled in the package, it has an HB3 leather carry case, 15 pairs of ear tips including 3 pairs of SpinFit ear tips, cleaning brush, and more.

FiiO FA9-3

The FiiO FA9 surely looks a promising pair of in-ear monitors, and as per previous products from FiiO we are really expecting a great sound output from it. The pair comes in two different colors, black and crystal clear. You can order one for yourself from our store here.

FiiO FA9 vs FiiO FA7:-

FIiO FA9 comes as an upgrade to the FiiO FA7, here is the comparison between these two:-

>FiiO FA9 has six Knowles BA driver units each side while the FA7 featured a quad Knowles BA driver units on each side.

>Both the FA9 and FA7 have 3D printed skin-friendly resin shells with ergonomic design providing a comfortable and firm fit.

>The FA9 has a diamond-cut design on the faceplate while the FA7 has a water ripple texture design on the faceplates.

>Both have four-way cross-over but the latest FiiO FA9 has a large acoustic catheter that improves vocal response and frequency overlapping.

>Both the FA9 and FA7 are Hi-Res certified.

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