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FiiO BTR7 Gets New Firmware Update: Upgrade Yours To FW V1.71!!

FiiO BTR7 Gets New Firmware Update: Upgrade Yours To FW V1.71!!

FiiO has just dropped a new firmware update for its latest flagship BTR7 Bluetooth DAC/AMP. This new update updates the BTR7 to the latest Firmware V1.71. It brings several new features to the device like a new PEQ(parametric equalizer) function, improved UI display, improved call answering function, and various other miscellaneous performance upgrades. FiiO introduced the latest BTR7 flagship Bluetooth DAC/AMP last month. The device has received countless positive feedbacks ever since it was released.

FiiO BTR7 Firmware Upgrade-1

Equipped with the latest-generation hardware, premium DAC chipset, and powerful THX amplification module, the BTR7 deserves all the praise that it is getting. For more information and technical specifications, refer to the BTR7 product page here.

Changes & Improvements with FW1.71:-

>Added PEQ function. Go to the EQ menu on the latest FiiO Control application for settings.

>AptX Adaptive will be off by default. Users can enable it through the FiiO Control application.

>Improved the logic of UI display.

>Improved the abnormal issue of answering phone calls through the 4.4mm headphone output.

>Miscellaneous performance improvements and bug fixes.

Let’s guide you on the update procedure:-

You can update the firmware on your device using both offline and online methods. Before we begin on the update process, make sure you have fully charged your BTR7.

Offline Upgrade:-

>First of all, update the FiiO Control application on your smartphones.

>Download the firmware update file from here.

>Copy the downloaded firmware file onto your smartphone’s internal storage or microSD card.

>Connect your BTR7 to the source device(that has the latest FiiO Control Application).

>Tap on the FiiO BTR7 device being shown on the application.

>Click on the settings icon at the top corner.

>Select Firmware Upgrade.

>Click on local upgrade.

>Navigate to the copied downloaded file and select it.

>Click on confirm.

>It will take about 3 to 5 minutes to upgrade your BTR7.

After the process is complete it will notify you. You have successfully upgraded your BTR7 to the latest firmware.

Online Upgrade:-

>Make sure your BTR7 is fully charged.

>Upgrade the FiiO Control application on your smartphone.

>Connect your BTR7 to the source device.

>Select the BTR7 in the Control Application.

>Click on the settings icon at the top corner.

>Select firmware upgrade.

>Tap on Online Upgrade.

>The application will now search for a firmware upgrade for your BTR7.

>It will notify you upon finding an update.

>Confirm the download.

>It will download the firmware and then update your BTR7 to the latest Firmware V1.71.

Make sure you have upgraded your FiiO Control application before starting any of the above-mentioned processes for the update. Also, make sure your BTR7 is fully charged before starting the update process.

We hope we were able to guide you in updating your BTR7. For any further questions or queries, feel free to write to us at support@hifigo.com.

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