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FiiO Announces FH7s: Latest Hybrid IEMs with 4 Knowles Custom BA and 13.6mm Custom DLC Dynamic Driver

FiiO Announces FH7s: Latest Hybrid IEMs with 4 Knowles Custom BA and 13.6mm Custom DLC Dynamic Driver

FiiO just had its Autumn Launch Event today and they announced the latest generation of “FH” series of hybrid in-ear monitors with the all-new FiiO FH7s. As a successor to the widely acclaimed FH7 and a cousin to the flagship FH9, the FH7s is designed with a five-driver hybrid setup. FiiO has equipped the pair with a custom 13.6mm 2nd-gen DLC diaphragm dynamic driver that is paired with four customised balanced armatures from Knowles. FH7s brings the latest design to the FiiO’s line-up with its Sci-Fi inspired ear shell design.

FiiO FH7s-1

FiiO FH7s comes packed with a high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable, the MSRP is 429.99$. Refer here for more information.

Firstly, the all-new design. Unlike the previous generation of FiiO’s earphones that featured rounded corners, the latest FH7as has got multilateral Sci-Fi arbor appearance. It looks matching with the design of the M17 and M11 Plus DAPs with aggressive, young, and stylish look. Don’t worry, FiiO has made sure you get a comfortable fit with the FH7s and enjoy your music with full isolation.

FiiO FH7s-2

FH7s is a younger sibling of the flagship FH9. It uses the same 13.6mm DLC dynamic driver as we have on the FH9. It delivers breath-taking bass response with deep-hitting soulful bass response. FiiO has implemented premium Knowles BA units. There are two 31736 units for the extended and highly-resolving treble response. FiiO has customised two Knowles BA drivers for a fuller and clearer midrange response. In order to ensure the density of mid-frequencies and deliver a crisp, clean, accurate midrange response free from any kind of sibilance, FiiO has designed the shell with a notch filter. It compensates the frequency range that the treble and bass drivers are unable to cover. FH7s also features FiiO’s in-house developed S.TURBO acoustic design. This was previously presented in the famous FH5. 

FiiO FH7s-3

FiiO FH7s comes with three tuning filters . Users can easily adjust the output tuning by simply swapping the tuning nozzle. The pair features 2nd-generation semi-open back acoustic design. The cable here is a high-purity 8strand 152 core silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable with swappable termination plugs. FiiO has included 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced termination plugs in the package. FiiO also includes its latest launched HS18 silicone ear tips with the FH7s.

FiiO Fh7s has got a price tag of 429.99$, you can check out more information here.

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