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Fidue Asteroid Latest Dual Driver IEM Released

Fidue Asteroid Latest Dual Driver IEM Released

The China Audio Industry is regularly bringing us new and updated products, whether it be hi-res digital audio players or high-quality in-ear monitors we are getting the latest products almost every day. Fidue is a brand based in China that manufactures high-quality premium pair of in-ear monitors. The brand has very famous flagship Fidue Sirius in-ear monitors that have an exceptional reference level sound output with a comfortable and lightweight fit. They have launched Fidue Asteroid, a latest pair of in-ear monitors with dual driver setup. The pair features a hybrid driver setup having one moving coil dynamic driver unit paired with a custom-tuned piezoelectric driver unit.  It is priced at 190$, quite budget-friendly featuring a ceramic piezoelectric driver unit. Check out more details here.

 Fidue Asteroid-1

Technical Specifications:-

>Dual Driver Setup featuring One Dynamic Driver and One Piezoelectric Driver Unit.

>Stainless Steel Earpieces with Aerodynamic design faceplate.

>Impedance: 32 Ohms.

>Frequency Response Range: 8Hz-41kHz.

>Sensitivity: 110dB.

>Universal MMCX connectors.

>High purity SPC cable.

Well-Crafted Stainless Steel Shells:-

Fidue Asteroid-2

The earpieces in Fidue Asteroid are well crafted with stainless steel shells. Faceplates have a beautiful aerodynamic style design that adds to the rich looks of the pair. The new cavity design makes the earpieces sit very firmly and provide a very comfortable fit for the users.

Unmatched Hybrid Driver Setup:-

The Fidue Asteroid provides its users with an unmatched crisp sound clarity with its powerful hybrid dual driver setup. It features a graphene dynamic driver unit paired with a ceramic piezoelectric unit. The sound quality is very rich with details, transparent vocals, and powerful energetic lower end. It suits all genres of music.

High Purity SPC Cable:-

The Fidue Asteroid comes bundled with a high purity silver-plated copper cable that offers rich audio signal transmission without any interruptions. The cable has universal MMCX connectors that provide a firm connection between the cable and the earpieces. And even if that’s not enough users can easily buy an upgrade cable with universal MMCX connectors.

Fidue Asteroid-3

Fidue Asteroid is a powerful looking pair of in-ear monitors with rich stainless steel shells and powerful hybrid driver setup. At a price of under 200$, it sounds like a steal deal and we really think this might be the next one of the best at this price segment. Check out more details here.

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