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Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim 9.2mm LSR Bass+Dual BA Hybrid IEMs

Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim 9.2mm LSR Bass+3 BA Hybrid IEMs

Elysian Acoustic Labs is a distinctive high-end HiFi audio brand. Focused primarily on designing high-quality IEMs for the audiophiles, they have widely acclaimed models such as the DIVA and the Annihilator. Today, Elysian Acoustics has launched a brand-new pair of IEMs, the Elysian Pilgrim. Pilgrim helps you embark on a musical journey with Elysian’s award-winning in-house tuning. It incorporates a three-driver hybrid configuration featuring a 9.2mm customized LSR bass dynamic driver with Three customized SONION BA drivers. We are excited and delighted to launch the ELYSIAN Acoustics Pilgrim, Are you excited to start a new journey with this Quad-driver hybrid IEM??

Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim-1

Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim is launched officially for $399, you can check out more details here. It is also available on our Aliexpress as well.

For many years, audiophiles from all across the globe have loved the sound of Annihilator and DIVA. Both these previous IEMs by Elysian have been loved for their extraordinary sound capabilities. ELYSIAN Acoustics have used that experience to bring the rich and dynamic in-house sound in a compact package. Pilgrim has been designed with a Quad-driver hybrid setup on each side. The pair houses a customized 9.2mm dynamic driver unit that presents a strong and punchy lower-end response. It adopts LSR(Liquid Silicon Rubber) Technology. The LSR driver is capable of producing an impressive sub-bass reach, easily reproducing 10Hz frequency compared to the standard 20Hz response by other drivers.. This LSR bass driver is supported by three customized SONION drivers for an ultimate midrange and Treble response. One dedicated Sonion 2300 midrange driver and dual Sonion E50 treble drivers present with a highly detailed and crisp resolution with the Pilgrim. The drivers are arranged together in a three-way frequency crossover for high-quality output with low distortion and high clarity.

Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim-2

With the Pilgrim, Elysian Acoustics has aimed for a naturally coherent and harmonious sound response. The three drivers work effortlessly together to reproduce a sound which is captivating and enticing to listen to. It promises a rich, hard-hitting, and precise bass response with a smooth and versatile midrange, and unmatched treble region. Each frequency band perfectly blends with the next to produce a highly coherent sound performance.

Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim-3

In order to produce a classy performance, Elysian has designed the PILGRIM for a consistent response. The brand has gone the extra-mile to ensure impeccable consistency across every single unit. Each pair has been designed with master-crafted internal chambers and sound tubes. This internal arrangement is done using highly precise 3D printing technology. It minimizes signal distortion and also ensures accurate phase coherency. The shell itself looks absolutely stunning. The pair has all-metallic shells in a lightweight and ergonomic form factor.

Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim-4

Elysian bundles the Pilgrim with a high-quality Silver-plated copper stock cable. It delivers quality performance with a comfortable wearing experience. Elysian also includes high-quality SpinFit CP100 tips with the Pilgrim for enhanced comfort. Are you excited for the Elysian’s most affordable IEM so far?? The Pilgrim awaits you with its outstanding sound performance. Grab now for just $399.

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