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Effect Audio Code 23: Flagship-Grade Pure Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio Code 23: Flagship-Grade Pure Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio is a premium HiFi Audio gear brand from Singapore. They specialize in the design, development, and marketing of premium IEM upgrade cables with a huge range of award-winning products under their name. Founded back in 2009, Effect Audio has developed countless successful cables designed specifically for premium in-ear monitors. Today, Effect Audio has come up with a brand new flagship-grade upgrade cable, presenting the all-new Effect Audio Code 23. Code 23 is a premium upgrade cable designed with top-quality Copper material wire cores. As per the brand, the Code 23 cable enables your IEMs and HPs to deliver quality sound with rich vocals and excellent lower-end response.

Effect Audio Code 23-1

Code 23 is launched in two color options, Cyber Green & Dystopian Black. It’s available for both headphones as well as IENs. The IEM Variant is launched for 599$ and the Headphone Variant for the Code 23 is launched for 799$. Check out more information on the Code 23 cable here.

Effect Audio Code 23 has been designed after countless experiments and years of research and development. After trying out different materials for their desired sound performance, Effect Audio has finalized selected high-purity UP-OCC Copper wire cores for the Code 23. You will be literally amazed by the excellent craftsmanship and skillful design by Effect Audio. Code 23 features a 2-wire design with 13 multi-sized cores. This is Effect Audio’s first-ever cable to feature a high-quality Solid-Core Design. Compared to traditional Braided structure design, the Solid-Core structure provides superior signal transmission with better conductivity.

Effect Audio Code 23-2

Code 23 has one of the thickest cable structures you have witnessed to date. Effect Audio has designed the cable with 16.5AWG cables, they are about 10 times thicker than a standard 26AWG cable. It’s not only the internals that are chosen after careful experimentation, The Code 23 Upgrade cable also has a spectacular build. It brings the goodness of pure copper cable with a modern design theme featuring a designer metallic Y-Splitter and other metallic parts on the cable. The cable is available in two stunning color options, Cyber Green & Dystopian Black.

Effect Audio Code 23-3

Effect Audio Code 23 brings all the premium patented technologies by the brand, this includes their Ultra-Flexi Insulated Outer Sleeves that protect each wire from external electromagnetic interferences. Code 23 has got swappable connectors and termination plugs with Effect Audio’s in-house developed ConX and TermX technologies. Effect Audio Code 23 is a premium Copper cable designed for premium in-ear monitors. It’s launched officially for 599$ for IEMs and about 799$ for Headphones. Check out more details on the Code 23 cable here.

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Paul Niemi - May 30, 2023

Do you have a high grade 5foot cable for aFocal Celeste headphone?

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