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DUNU x Gizaudio Launches DaVinci 2DD+4BA Hybrid Driver IEMs

DUNU x Gizaudio Launches DaVinci 2DD+4BA Hybrid Driver IEMs

DUNU-Topsound, widely known as DUNU is a name that audiophiles trust worldwide. The brand is known for its outstanding range of IEMs with famous models such as DUNU SA6, DUNU SA6 MK2, etc. Over the years, DUNU has developed multiple patented technologies such as ECLIPSE Dynamic Driver Technology, Quick-Switch Modular Plug System, etc.

DUNU has now collaborated with Gizaudio, a famous media channel in the HiFi Audio Industry to develop their latest product. Timmy from GIzaudio is a trusted reviewer in the industry with multiple successful projects such as LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo, Binary x Gizaudio Chopin, etc. DUNU and Gizaudio have worked closely for around a year to develop this new project, introducing the DUNU x Gizaudio DaVinci.

Inspired by the legendary painter Leonardo Da Vinci, the DUNU and Gizaudio’s latest project is a six-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors featuring dual dynamic drivers and four customized balanced armature drivers per side. Let’s know them better. You can get DaVinci in our AliExpress Store and HiFiGo Store.

As mentioned above, DUNU DaVinci houses a six-driver hybrid structure. It features an 8mm dynamic driver with a composite LCP diaphragm and a 10mm dynamic driver with a Composite Biofilm diaphragm, each with its own independent chamber for enhanced sound with low interferences with each other.

These DD units are supported by four customized BA drivers. DUNU has designed them in a five-way frequency crossover for enhanced sound reproduction. The pair features a precisely designed 3D-printed acoustic chamber consisting of five independent duct tubes.

This 3D Acoustic chamber is designed by Higetech, a famous 3D printing brand in the industry. They have used high-precision 3D-printing technology to design a five-channel outlet and a stable acoustic structure for optimum performance.

The pair has five independent acoustic tubes for zero interference, and clear sound reproduction. The crossover is as follows, the 10mm DD unit produces a rumbling sub-bass region, 8mm DD unit delivers a fast and punchy lower-end response, a composite dual BA setup for accurate midrange, a customized high-frequency BA driver, and a customized ultra-high-frequency BA driver.

DUNU DaVinci tuning is done in collaboration with Timmy from Gizaudio. In the audiophile industry, Timmy is a known reviewer with the YouTube channel Gizaudio. He has a wide following and has previously designed two products, Galileo and Chopin, both of which were highly successful. Audiophiles from all around the globe loved both of them.

Recently during CanJam SG 2024, DaVinci was showcased and based on the feedback from the audiophiles, the tuning was finalized. Timmy has aimed to deliver a rich bass response with accurate tone for instruments and vocals. The pair packs a wonderful sound which is a blessing for most genres out there. We hope you will like the tuning of the DUNU x Gizaudio DaVinci.

The ear shells of DaVinci are made up of high-quality skin-friendly resin material. They have a premium finish with five-leaf maple solid-stabilized wooden face covers. The pair is lightweight and ergonomic promising a comfortable fit. DUNU has developed a new cable known as LEO, for the DaVinci.

It is a high-quality cable with a four-strand Litz braided structure. It consists of high-purity single-crystal copper wire cores with silver plating for enhanced sound signal transmission. The cable has DUNU’s patented Q-lock mini-swappable termination plug system. It comes with 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination plugs in the package for easy pairing with different devices.

DUNU and Gizaudio have taken inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci for the latest project. This is showcased beautifully in the package with beautiful manuscripts of the legendary painter.Get your DaVinci here.

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