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DUNU Titan S Gets All-New Sandstone Black Color Variant!!

DUNU Titan S Gets All-New Sandstone Black Color Variant!!

DUNU Titan S is among the most celebrated single dynamic driver IEMs under the 100$ price category. Titan S has been a default recommendation for many audio reviewers from all around the globe. Today, DUNU has introduced an all-new color combination for the Titan S, presenting the all-new DUNU Titan S Sandstone Black. It's like the Titan Reborn in an all-new avatar. The classic Black and Red combination looks classy and elegant. In order to bring you the same trusted performance that the OG Titan S has always been known for, DUNU has kept the driver configuration and tuning profile consistent with the OG model.

DUNU Titan S Sandstone Black-1

With this new color release, there is no difference in the price for the Titan S. You can still grab the DUNU Titan S at just 79.99$, check out more information here.

There is so much more than just a new color option with the Titan S Sandstone. The shells still boast the techie cyberpunk design theme that the pair is famous for, but with its all-new Matte Black finish, the pair looks a lot more premium and elegant than the OG colors. The shells get their premium finish with new sandblasting surface technology bringing a comprehensive finish with a   smooth textured finish. DUNU Titan S looks spectacular in this all-new Sandstone Black Finish. The tuning and configuration of the all-new Titan S Sandstone Black are kept consistent with the OG model.

DUNU Titan S Sandstone Black-2

As for sound, the new Titan S Sandstone Black houses the same customized 11mm dynamic driver as the OG Titan S. It adopts a multi-layered polycondensate liquid crystal polymer(LCP) diaphragm. The driver features a Lightweight CCAW Voice coil, Dual-Cavity structure, and Powerful N52 neodymium magnetic circuit. The pair delivers the same trusted performance for which the Titan S is usually known!! The pair comes with high-quality monocrystalline copper and silver-plated copper wire cores mixed with braided cable. It adopts 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug.

DUNU Titan S Sandstone Black-3

You can order the DUNU Titan S Sandstone Black priced at just 79.99$, the same price as the OG model. Cdheck out more information here.

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