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DUNU Talos Launched On Pre-Order: Planar and Dual BA Driver Hybrid With Brass Cavity Structure

DUNU Talos Launched On Pre-Order: Planar and Dual BA Driver Hybrid With Brass Cavity Structure

The world of Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs get a new competition today, DUNU has come up with its first-ever planar magnetic driver IEMs, meet the all-new DUNU Talos. It’s not just a planar magnetic set, Talos is a hybrid set that features a newly-developed 14.6mm dual-chamber planar driver as the main driver and custom-developed dual BA drivers as super tweeters. DUNU has featured a special switch on the Talos that allows the users to choose whether to listen to the set in Planar-only mode or hybrid mode. The dual BA drivers act as super tweeters, they are tuned for high-frequency response and instantly improve resolution and details when turned on.

DUNU Talos-1

Talos is currently launched on pre-order priced at 199.99$, We will start shipping pre-orders from 26th September.. For the first 100 orders, we will be including our HiFiGo Neck Strap and leather buckle as a gift. Know more details here. It's also available on our amazon store, check here.


According to the classic tales, Talos was an immortal until the age of the Demigods. Legends state that he is made up of bronze and is invincible. There is only one blood vessel that runs from his neck down to the knees and is covered with copper. DUNU has designed the godly Talos keeping this legend story in their mind. The cavity structure here has been precisely designed with gold-plated brass material. The shells of Talos are crafted using a high-precision CNC machining process with aviation-grade aluminum alloy material for a premium finish. Talos has got multiple vents on the Front and Rear Cavities. These are designed after conducting extensive simulation tests and ensure the pair gets a dynamic low-frequency response and a comfortable wearing experience!!

DUNU Talos-2

DUNU has developed a new 14.6mm planar magnetic driver with a 14.6mm ultra-thin diaphragm. This driver adopts an ultra-light silver alloy voice coil and a powerful dual-sided magnetic circuit. This planar driver is tuned for delivering a crisp full-frequency response with excellent resolution and clarity. DUNU has also implemented dual Balanced Armature drivers on the Talos as super tweeters that can be turned on via a switch. Once turned on, Talos shows improved resolution and clarity, especially in the high frequencies.

DUNU Talos-3

DUNU is known for high-quality cables. They usually bundle their IEMs with some high-quality ones as stock cables. The latest Talos comes with a high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable that has standard 2-pin connectors and 3.5mm termination.

Here's a frequency graph shared by DUNU for the Talos. The Blue frequency curve is with the Hybrid Planar mode, while the Yellow is the normal Planar mode response.

DUNU Talos-5

Talos is currently available on pre-order for just 199.99$, shipments will begin starting 26th September. Book yours today as for the first 100 orders of DUNU Talos we will be including our Neck Strap and Leather Buckle as a gift!! Check out more information here. You can also buy it from our amazon store here.

Special Offer:

After receiving Talos, the first 50 customers who share their impressions and pictures on the head-fi or hifiguides forums(300 words+ and 3 or more pictures), will get a DUNU DTC100 with free shipping. Just email support@hifigo.com to get the DUNU DTC100 after review!! Limited quantity.

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