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DUNU Introduces All-New Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium Year of the Dragon edition

DUNU Introduces All-New Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium Year of the Dragon edition

DUNU has released a brand new exciting color option for its highly-acclaimed single-dd set Falcon Ultra, introducing the all-new DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium. Falcon Ultra as we all know is a brilliant single dynamic driver in-ear monitor from the house of DUNU. It is well-regarded as one of the best single DD IEMs around the 200$ price bracket by many audiophiles all around the globe. Previously, the Falcon Ultra was available in a shiny Ink Blue color, now you can grab this beautiful IEM in a classy titanium finish. DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium has excellent looks and a premium in-hand finish just like the previous model. It’s Titanium finish has a clear and elegant finish which gives an entirely new take on this beautiful pair!!

DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium-1

DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium is currently launched on pre-order priced at $219.99, the shipments will begin later this month. You can get yours here.

DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium is crafted using complex surface treatment technology. It has a low success rate and that is the main reason why the Titanium version is rare. The pair has an identical finish to the previous model with a shiny, glossy finish. The clear Titanium coloured shells have a mirror-like finish. They are built with great precision using a 5-axis CNC machining process. On the side, we have DUNU logo immersed onto the edges. DUNU Falcon Ultra looks simply fantastic in its all-new Meteorite Titanium finish.

DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium-2

DUNU has equipped the Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium with its second-generation ECLIPSE dynamic driver. It is a 10.7mm dynamic driver unit with premium lithium-magnesium alloy dome material. The pair has a high-power magnetic circuit that produces an extremely solid Tesla-grade magnetic flux. It provides great efficiency, lower distortion, and higher sensitivity to the set. DUNU has designed the shell with a multi-vent damping design. It prevents any air-pressure buildup on the driver and also provides a comfortable wearing experience.

DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium-3

DUNU Falcon Ultra comes with two sets of replaceable acoustic nozzles. Both the nozzles have a different material build, we have a set of Stainless steel nozzles and a set of gold-plated brass nozzles. The steel nozzle has a cleaner and more transparent output with faster transient speed while the Gold-Plated Brass nozzles have a rich and smooth sound with rich vocals. You can play around and find the best one suitable for you between the two.

DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium-4

DUNU Falcon Ultra comes with DUNU’s high-quality DUW02 Pro stock cable. It is a four-strand high-purity single-crystal copper silver-plated cable with Litz build structure. This cable has DUNU’s patented Q-Lock Lite interchangeable plug design. The pair comes with a 4.4mm balanced and a 3.5mm single-ended plug.

DUNU Falcon Ultra has a fresh new design with its new Meteorite Titanium finish. DUNU Falcon Ultra Meteorite Titanium is an amazing set, launched at $219.99, you can pre-order yours with us and the shipments will begin shortly.

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