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DUNU Hulk Pro Mini: Single Crystal Furukawa Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

DUNU Hulk Pro Mini: Single Crystal Furukawa Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

DUNU recently launched the limited edition SA6 Ultra with its latest Hulk Pro Mini Cable. The Hulk Pro Mini cable packs the goodness of the highly-acclaimed Hulk Pro flagship IEM Upgrade Cable from DUNU but with an optimized wire diameter and a lighter design. Following the huge success of the latest SA6 Ultra that got sold out in just a matter of days, DUNU has now officially released the Hulk Pro Mini IEM Upgrade cable for audio enthusiasts. Designed with high-purity Furukawa single-crystal copper material, the Hulk Pro Mini pairs well with your IEMs and improves their performance noticeably.

DUNU Hulk Pro Mini-1

DUNU Hulk Pro Mini Cable is available in both 2-pin and MMCX connector options. The cable is priced at 199.99$, check out more details here. You can also get more information and order these from our Amazon store here and Amazon Japan store here.

DUNU Hulk Pro Mini is designed with a 4-strand Litz Type-2 Braided Structure. Each strand consists of high-purity Furukawa monocrystalline copper wire cores with an aluminum foil shielding layer on each strand. The high-purity wire cores enable smooth signal transmission with low interference. With the help of a high-quality aluminum foil shielding layer, the audio signal is completely protected from external electromagnetic interference. This promises quality output with a clean and dark background.

DUNU Hulk Pro Mini-2

Hulk Pro Mini is a premium cable designed with high-quality brushed metal connectors. It has DUNU’s patented Q-Lock swappable connector technology, users will be able to replace the switches easily and efficiently. The package for Hulk Pro Mini will include 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm connectors. You can also opt for an additional variant with an additional Type-C plug in the package.

DUNU Hulk Pro Mini-3

DUNU Hulk Pro Mini is based on the same design and architecture as the OG Hulk Pro. The wire diameter has been optimized for 26AWG giving the cable a solid and light design. The cable is about 40% lighter than the OG Hulk Pro while the sound characteristics are the same as the Hulk Pro. DUNU Hulk Pro Mini is carefully designed for premium IEMs, check out more details about the Hulk Pro Mini here.

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