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DUNU Glacier: Brand New Nine-Driver 1DD+4BA+4EST Flagship IEMs

DUNU Glacier: Brand New Nine-Driver 1DD+4BA+4EST Flagship IEMs

DUNU is a prominent name in the HiFi IEM Industry. For many years, DUNU has gained a reputation as one of the leading in-ear monitor brands from Shenzhen. They have an exclusive range of in-ear monitors available across different price brackets. We have entry-level models such as the DUNU Kima/Kima Classic, we have premium-level models such as the DUNU SA6 series, etc. Today, we are delighted to bring you all the latest flagship-level multi-driver tribrid set from the house of DUNU, introducing the all-new DUNU Glacier. The name says it all, the DUNU Glacier is inspired by the Icy mountains that carry a true natural beauty with them. The tuning of the pair has also been precisely adjusted for a truly high-resolution sound reproduction. With its nine-driver tribrid configuration on each side, DUNU Glacier delivers a sound that you will remember. Prepare yourself for a journey through the beautiful Icy Glaciers, and experience the ultimate sound of the DUNU Glacier for yourself.


DUNU Glacier is launched for $1349.99, you can get yours from here.

DUNU has taken deep inspiration from Glaciers to craft and tune their latest flagship. The DUNU Glacier is the world’s first pair of in-ear monitors that feature 904L premium stainless steel ear cavities. The shells are crafted beautifully showcasing a curvy design matching the curves in the Glacier water bodies. They have been hand-polished to perfection giving them a classy mirror-finish. DUNU has also treated them with a DLC coating that greatly enhances the durability of the pair. The DUNU Glacier looks spectacular from every angle.

DUNU Glacier-2

DUNU Glacier packs a nine-driver tribrid setup on each side. The pair adopts a newly developed dynamic driver combined with four customized Balanced Armature drivers and four Electrostatic drivers. The pair has a dual 4-way frequency crossover with physical acoustic tubes and an electronic crossover circuit. The newly developed DD unit is dedicated to producing a strong and happening lower-end. It adopts a bio-cellulose dome with an independent flexible suspension. It delivers a remarkable bass response that reaches into the depths of sub-bass and provides an extended response. The customized BA drivers produce a clean, accurate mid-high frequency response. We have dual customized Balanced Armatures for mid-frequencies and dual customized BA drivers for high frequencies. Be prepared to experience natural, vivid mid-frequency tones with rich and clear high-frequency bands. With four new-generation EST drivers tuned to deliver an airy ultra-high frequency band, the pair shows excellent extensions in the treble region as well. Overall, with professional tuning adjustments, the DUNU Glacier brings impressive sound with exceptional resolution, fast transients, and ultimate clarity throughout a wide frequency band.

DUNU Glacier-3

Just like the design inspiration, DUNU also has taken tuning inspiration from the Glaciers. They want the flagship DUNU Glacier to have an accurate, natural, rich sound with an airy and massive soundstage. The pair has been tuned to deliver a strong, fast, punchy, dynamic response with a rich and natural tone. Technically, it packs a competent sound with a big soundstage and outstanding detail retrieval. It’s a pair that will complement different genres of music well and be a true high-resolution performer in your collection.

DUNU Glacier-4

DUNU has developed a new cable for the Glacier. With the same tuning profile as their flagship Hulk Pro, this new cable has stunning new looks matching the Icy Glacier theme of the flagship. Its an 8-core cable designed with refined single-crystal copper wire cores. The cable has a snowy white outer sleeve, adopts high-quality connectors and features DUNU’s patented Q-Lock Plus Interchangeable termination plug system. DUNU has also redesigned the colors of the Q-Lock Plus swappable plugs to match the Snowy White theme of the Glacier. The pair will come with 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plugs in the package. DUNU also includes a bunch of exquisite accessories with the Glacier including a brand-new carry pouch, multiple sets of eartips, etc.

DUNU Glacier-5

DUNU Glacier is a fantastic set that has been designed to take your listening experiences to an all-new level. The set packs a rich driver configuration where each driver is carefully chosen and professionally tuned to perfection. DUNU Glacier packs a sound that will bring a smile to your face every single time!! Grab the DUNU Glacier from us for just $1349.99, you can check out more details here.

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