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Five Upgrades With DUNU Falcon Ultra: DUNU Falcon Pro vs Falcon Ultra

Five Upgrades With DUNU Falcon Ultra: DUNU Falcon Pro vs Falcon Ultra

DUNU is a famous name in the audiophile community. The brand is known for its outstanding range of in-ear monitors available across different price points. DUNU has a dedicated R&D team that continuously follows the trend to deliver high-resolution audio output for the community. Today, we are introducing their brand new IEM, the DUNU Falcon Ultra. The Falcon Ultra is an upgrade to the highly-acclaimed Falcon Pro IEMs that came out back in 2021. It is actually the third generation of Falcon IEMs by DUNU right after Falcon-C and Falcon Pro.

DUNU Falcon Ultra-1

Falcon Pro had got a lot of praise from audiophiles worldwide. The latest Falcon Ultra is a direct upgrade with a newly-improved second-generation ECLIPSE dynamic driver, fully independent suspension sound, an all-new Klein Blue color finish, a redesigned multi-path airflow damping architecture, and DUNU’s latest DUW02 Pro Modular stock cable. All these upgrades bring noticeable upgrades with the Falcon Ultra, the pair sounds simply astounding with better resolution, better bass control, and you are  also treated with all-new exciting looks with the pair. DUNu Falcon Ultra is introduced for 239.99$, you can check out more information about the pair here, let’s explore what’s new with the Falcon Ultra.

Newly-Developed Second-Generation ECLIPSE Architecture Dynamic Driver:-

The prime upgrade with the Falcon Ultra is the core of the pair. We are getting all-new second-generation ECLIPSE dynamic driver architecture famously introduced by DUNU in the Flagship DUNU Zen Pro. It has the same architecture with a premium lithium-magnesium alloy material diaphragm dome structure like the one used in the Zen Pro, just a bit smaller in comparison. We have a 10.7mm dynamic driver unit that adopts a fully independent soft suspension surround. The OG Falcon Pro had 10mm plastic diaphragm dd unit, this is a huge upgrade and brings noticeable improvements in the sound department. This combination of ultra-rigid and lightweight diaphragm and independent suspension results in lighting-fast transients and effortless music reproduction greatly enhancing the performance of the Falcon Ultra. With the Falcon Ultra, you are in for an exciting sound adventure!!

DUNU Falcon Ultra-2

Rich, Elegant, Classy Klein Blue Finish:-

DUNU is always known and appreciated for its exquisite craftsmanship. The same is the case here with the new Falcon Ultra. Based on the same design and shape as the Falcon Pro, the Ultra is now available in a brand new Klein Blue color finish. The pair looks amazing, the blue color is rich and dynamic and you get a classy mirror finish. It actually has different color tones which get revealed under different light angles. Absolutely amazing if you ask us!! DUNU has also showcased the stunningly beautiful DUNU logo printed on the angular sides of the face covers.

Strong Magnetic Architecture With New External Ring-Type Magnetic Design:-

DUINU has implemented not only the diaphragm material from the Zen Pro, they have also incorporated the magnetic architecture over here. The Falcon Ultra now has an external ring-type magnetic assembly producing powerful Tesla-grade magnetic flux. The magnets are CNC-machined to micron-level tolerances, the resulting magnetic flux is closer to that of the flagship Zen Pro and delivers a low-distortion, high-sensitivity, clear sound output!!

DUNU Falcon Ultra-3

Improved Performance With Enhanced Damping:-

DUNU has professionally developed a multi-path damping scheme for the Falcon Ultra. It is based on the OG damping scheme implemented in the Falcon Pro. This new design brings a better balance between the ideal damping and isolation characteristics. It is not only comfortable but also has a cleaner sound presentation with better air pressure control within the cavity.

Latest DUNU DUW02 Pro High-Purity Stock Cable:-

DUNU Falcon Ultra comes bundled with DUNU’s latest DUW02 Pro high-purity stock cable. It is a premium cable designed with high-purity Furukawa single-crystal copper silver-plated wire cores and features DUNU’s patented Q-Lock Lite Modular termination plug system. The package will include a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced plugs which users can easily replace whenever required.

DUNU Falcon Ultra-4

Price & Availability:-

DUNU Falcon Ultra is introduced at an exciting price of 239.99$. It heats up the competition for IEMs under the 300$ price bracket with its stunning looks and impressive sound performance. You can check out more information about the DUNU Falcon Ultra over here.

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