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Dunu DM380 DM480 Entry-Level Hybrid Earphones Made First Appearance in Japan | Hifigo

Dunu DM380 DM480 Entry-Level Hybrid Earphones Made First Appearance in Japan | Hifigo

Dunu is one of the first homegrown Chinese brands to put a big emphasis on sound.  Most of their products were ODM for various brands, so until recently Dunu was known mainly among audiophiles. However, times are changing, and now Dunu has its own line of headphones that offer high-quality sound at an affordable price, not only the expensive solutions. 
Dunu two entry-level hybrid earphones made their first appearance at the Audio exhibition in Japan on October,5th. 
They are  DUNU DM380 in-ear headphones with three dynamic drivers and DM480 which we still don't know the exact spec yet. 
dunu dm380 dm480
The design of the Dunu DM-380 Hybrid in-ear headphones is different from what we saw in the early models from Dunu. The case is made of metal and plastic, and due to the fact that the latter is slightly transparent, you can see all three dynamic emitters. Headphones “end” with a sound guide, where a special protrusion is placed so that the ear cushions hold firmly.
Dunu continues to offer different options with a good sound at an affordable price and excellent quality. US$49 is a very good price for such a combination of design, features, and sound. 

Specification of Dunu DM 380 headphones

  • color: golden;
  • Frequency Response Range: 20–16000 Hz;
  • speakers: 2 per channel - ⌀5 mm; 1 per channel - ⌀6 mm;
  • construction: plug-in;
  • microphone design: on wire;
  • weight: 20 g;
  • number of buttons: 3;
  • audio input connector: plug 3.5 mm trrs; gold plated contacts;
  • cable length: 1.2 m;
  • input of analog audio signal: yes;
  • stereo: yes;
  • impedance: 16 ohms;
  • sensitivity: 100 db / mw.
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