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DUNU Alpha 3 Large 14.2mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Flathead Earbuds

DUNU Alpha 3 Large 14.2mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Flathead Earbuds

DUNU is making a comeback in the earbud category by releasing its brand new product in the “Alpha” series, introducing the all-new DUNU Alpha 3. The Alpha series from DUNU debuted in 2015 with the release of the Alpha 1. It was a fantastic set of earbuds with a large 16mm woofer driver. The pair was praised for its neutral-balanced sound profile, Fast forward to 2023, DUNU has come up with the Alpha 3, a flagship-level flat-head earbud designed with a 14.2mm large dynamic driver unit. DUNU breaks the traditional barrier with a stunning metallic earbud cavity structure. They have designed the pair with ultimate craftsmanship using top-quality components and specially developed architectures to provide exceptional sound output performance!! Indulge yourself in great music with exquisitely comfortable DUNU Alpha 3!!

DUNU Alpha 3-1

DUNU Alpha 3 is launched officially for an attractive price tag of just 79$, you can check out more information here. It is also available on our Amazon US Store here, Amazon Japan Store here, and our Aliexpress Store here.

DUNU has equipped the latest Alpha 3 with a large 14.2mm dynamic driver unit on each side. It houses a professionally-designed Liquid Crystal Polymer(LCP) diaphragm which is lightweight and has the perfect rigidity for enhanced performance with lower distortion in the output signal. With professional tuning adjustments by DUNU, the Alpha 3 delivers impressive sound clarity and strong lower-end performance. DUNU has featured a surround multi-channel acoustic vent architecture on the Alpha 3. This has been achieved with the help of multiple air vents placed at the back of the earbuds for improved air pressure management and swift movement of the driver diaphragm resulting in great comfort and lower distortion in the output signal.

DUNU Alpha 3-2

DUNU Alpha 3 shows the stunning craftsmanship of the brand with precisely designed stainless steel and aluminum alloy material ear cavities. The shells are carved in a black colored finish with the DUNU logo engraved on the back side of the shell. The pair is designed with low-frequency and dynamics-enhancing acoustic cavity structure. This is achieved using a specially designed inner cavity to reduce standing wave reflections, and proper venting significantly improving the lower-end performance and treating the users with impeccable sound delivery that complements different genres of music well!!

DUNU Alpha 3-3

DUNU incorporates a high-quality premium cable with the Alpha 3 earbuds. It has a non-detachable design, so DUNU has made sure to treat the pair with a premium cable for the best performance. Alpha 3 adopts single-crystal copper silver-plated Litz cable available in choice between 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination options. Users can choose their preferred one while finalizing the order.

DUNU Alpha 3-4

For just 79$, DUNU Alpha 3 looks tempting. The pair reignites the Earbud category for DUNU in the international market. Explore your favorite music with smooth sound delivery and the comfortable ergonomics of the DUNU Alpha 3. Check out more information over here.

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