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Dethonray Honey H1 Portable DAC/AMP Released!!

Dethonray Honey H1 Portable DAC/AMP Released!!

Dethonray founded by Anson Tse is a HiFi audio brand dedicated to providing the best sound quality experience to the community with its premium quality products. Their first product the Dethonray DTR1 is still one of the best sounding digital audio players around the 500$ price range. They have launched an all-new portable DAC/AMP system, the Dethonray Honey H1.

Dethonray Honey H1 is a very powerful portable DAC/AMP equipped with a high-performance AK4497 DAC chip. It features dual output ports, one single-ended 3.5mm port that can be used as either line out or headphone out, and another 4.4mm balanced headphone output port. Both these output ports have humongous output power that can power demanding cans with ease. It is priced at 599.99$, you can check out more details here.

Dethonray Honey H1-1

Features & Technical Specifications:-

>Chassis: Sandblasted CNC Aluminium(Blue).

>AKM AK4497 DAC.

>PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz.

>DSD up to DSD128.

>Max Power Output(Single-Ended): 6Vrms(32 Ohm).

>Max Power Output(Balanced):6.2Vrms(300Ohm).

>THD+N: 0.008%.

>Signal To Noise Ratio: 116dB.

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Input Type: USB Type-C.

>Output: 3.5mm Lineout/Optical.

>Headphone Output: 3.5mm Single-ended, 4.4mm Balanced.

>Battery: 5300mAh.

>Battery Life: Up to 10 hours on Single-end, up to 8 hours on Balanced.

Premium Sound Experience:-

We all are familiar with the exceptional sonic performance of the DTR1 with the AK4490 DAC chip. The Honey H1 takes things up a level with the latest AK4497 DAC chip. AK4497 is a 32-Bit 2-Channel DAC chip with Velvet Sound Technology by AKM. It is tuned with perfection to provide a buttery smooth and brilliantly detailed sound output with crisp clarity. The Honey H1 outputs a rich sound quality with pitch dark background and ultra-low distortion.

Solid & Elegant Build:-

Dethonray Honey H1-2

Dethonray builds its products with utmost precision and perfection. The Honey H1 is no exception, the device has an exceptional built using the CNC machining process. It is built with sandblasted Aluminium material. Then the device is coated with a rich blue shade. The volume knob and headphone ports have a complementary golden finish.

Your Headphone Partner:-

We know that your headphones love amazing clean output power. The Honey H1 delivers it with quite good precision and quality. The device holds humongous output juice to power your most demanding cans without any trouble. It has an output power rating of 6Vrms at 32Ohm load through the single-ended port and 6.2Vrms at 300Ohm load through the balanced port. The single-ended 3.5mm port can also give line out to other Amp systems.

Dethonray Honey H1-3

Price & Availability:-

The Dethonray Honey H1 is priced at 599.99$ and is available to order from our store here. Shipments will begin from the end of this month as per the order number sequence.

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