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DD HiFi Janus 2: Latest Dual-Socket Single DD IEMs

DD HiFi Janus 2: Latest Dual-Socket Single DD IEMs

DD HiFi is mostly known for its high-quality USB DAC/AMPs, adapters, and other HiFi audio accessories. Late last year, DD HiFi debuted into the HiFi IEM market with a unique product, the DD HiFi Janus. Unique because unlike other IEMs in the market that have a single connection port either MMCX or 2-Pin, the Janus had both the ports located at the opposite sides of the pair. They can be connected with any cable in the industry with either of the two connector types. But soon after its launch, the Janus disappeared from the market for unknown reasons. DD HiFi listened to the community and worked on the issues that users with Janus faced. Today, they have released an upgraded Janus for all of us, meet the all-new DD HiFi Janus 2.

DD HiFi Janus 2-1

Janus 2 is a completely redesigned pair of in-ear monitors. It only shares the same dual connector socket as the former model while the internals is entirely changed. DD HiFi has opted for a newly-developed high-speed 10mm dynamic driver unit that results in faster, energetic sound. Janus 2 has a new double-layer vibrating rear cavity for a controlled sound response. Internal wiring is customized by Effect Audio, a widely known premium cable brand. DD HiFi has launched Janus 2 in two different variants, Standard Edition and Simple Edition. The only difference between both these editions is that one includes a transparent silver-plated OFC MMCX cable while the other features a 0.78mm standard black two-pin cable. It starts at 149$ for the simple edition, check out more details here.


>Dual connector sockets(supports both MMCX and 2-pin 0.78mm connectors).

>Newly-developed 10mm dynamic driver.

>Dual-cavity design.

>Mature and Natural sound tuning.

>High-quality Effect Audio customized internal wiring.

>316L Stainless Steel front cavity.

>High-purity silver-plated OFC + pure OFC cable with 3.5mm termination plug.

>Fashionable accessories.

>Impedance: 12 ohms.

>Sensitivity: 105dB.

>Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Weight: 8.3g(without cable).

DD HiFi Janus 2-2

Janus 2, Bringing Many Changes:-

Even though the Janus 2 looks quite similar to the original Janus 1, the Janus 2 is entirely a new pair. It has implemented a new high-sensitivity driver, high-quality internal wiring, electroplated front cavity, double-layer dual cavity, new cable, and many more new features.

Unique Dual-Connector Design:-

Janus 2 has a one of its kind unique design with dual sockets that allow the use of both MMCX and 2-pin 0.78mm connector cables. The connectors are placed at the opposite ends of the earpieces coupled with a T-shaped design. It allows the pair to be worn comfortably in both over-the-ear and simple cable down manner.

DD HiFi Janus 2-3

Newly-Developed Dynamic Driver:-

DD HiFi Janus 2 is equipped with a newly-developed 10mm dynamic driver unit. It has high sensitivity paired with high-response speed resulting in powerful, engaging sound. It is complemented by a newly-developed dual-cavity design for a pure sound that complements different genres well.

Newly Designed Dual-Cavity Design:-

Janus 2 features a double-layer vibrating rear cavity design that allows for better control of the reverse sound waves inside the cavity. The pair adopts an aluminum alloy metallic inner cavity with a double-layer PC plastic outer shell.

DD HiFi Janus 2-4

Electroplated 316L Stainless Steel Front Cavity:-

DD HiFi Janus 2 has a premium 316L stainless steel front cavity that has been polished and electroplated for a smooth, rich finish. It not only provides a premium look to the pair but also allows for faster reflection in the cavity.

High-Quality Internal Wiring:-

The internal wiring in the Janus 2 is developed by Effect Audio, a premium HiFi cable manufacturing brand. They have designed high-purity internal wiring with a combination of OCC and pure silver wires for positive pole and pure OCC for the ground wiring.

DD HiFi Janus 2-5

High-Quality Cable & Accessories:-

DD HiFi Janus 2 bundles the pair with a high-purity mixed hybrid cable. The positive pole of the signal wire is made with high-purity silver-plated OFC material, and the ground wire is made with pure OFC material. The cable has a single-ended 3.5mm termination plug. The pair comes bundled with newly designed fashionable accessories including a magnetic clip and an earphone carry case.

Pricing & Availability:-

DD HiFi Janus 2 is available in two different variants, Simple edition and Standard edition. It starts at 149$, check out more details here.

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