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Crazy Mid-Year Sale on HiFiGo: Amazing Deals On HiFi Audio Gears

Crazy Mid-Year Sale on HiFiGo: Amazing Deals On HiFi Audio Gears

2022 has been a great year so far, we have seen some really amazing products including desktop decoders, headphone amplifiers, Portable USB DAC/AMPs, Digital Audio Players, In-Ear Monitors, etc. With full passion and dedication, Famous brands such as DUNU, FiiO, Shanling, Gustard, Moondrop, Kinera, and more have added amazing products into their ever-growing catalog of HiFi audio gears. We at HiFiGo have always brought you the best quality audio gears at the best possible prices available worldwide. We are bringing the biggest sale of this current half-year, our Mid-Year sale starts on 27th June 2022 and it will be active for full 4 days before ending on the 1st of July. You will be getting crazy good deals on your favorite gears, with up to a 30% discount on many products available on our website. We will be partnering with brands including Kinera, Moondrop, Gustard, Topping, DUNU, etc, bringing you the biggest sale of this current half-year. So, in case you were planning to purchase something from our store, Now might be the best time to ready your wallets for the same. Here with this blog, we will be sharing a few good deals, be assured, this is just a small glimpse of what the entire sale holds for you. Before we begin showcasing some star deals, have a look at the full sale offers on our sale page here. Let’s discuss some crazy deals available with us on the Mid-Year sale.

See Audio Yume Midnight: Yume Redefined!!

Retail: 199.99$.

Mid-Year Deal: 179.99$.

See Audio Yume Midnight-1

See Audio Yume Midnight is the Yume taken to an all-new level with tuning adjustments by Crinacle. Released just a few months back, Yume Midnight created a huge demand in the market with its exceptional tuning and new minimalistic looks. The pair delivered a great technical performance with improved clarity, faster lower end, wider stage, and better resolution compared to the original Yume. Yume Midnight was released just a few days back and it is here on discount for the very first time. Yume Midnight is exclusive to our store, if you were waiting to purchase this beauty, now grab it at a special discounted price. Feel free to check out more information here.

Moondrop Kato: Excellent Performer!!

Retail: 189.99$.

Mid-Year Deal: 170.99$.

Moondrop Kato

Moondrop Kato, the latest single Dynamic Driver IEM is available at an unbelievable price during the HiFiGo mid-year sale. Kato is one of the finest creations by Moondrop equipped with a newly-developed ULT super linear dynamic driver. The pair brings adjustable tuning with two sets of replaceable ear nozzles in the package, each having its own output tuning. Kato introduced their latest Silicone Spring ear tips that come bundled with the set. Usually, the Moondrop Kato retails at 189.99$, during our Mid-Year sale grab it for a discounted price of 170.99$. Check out more details here.

DUNU Falcon Pro: Exquisite Single Dynamic IEM!!

Retail: 219.99$.

Mid-Year Deal: 197.99$.

DUNU Falcon Pro

DUNU Falcon Pro is a highly-acclaimed single-dynamic driver IEM priced close to 200$ only. Falcon Pro is DUNU’s cheapest ECLIPSE technology IEM designed with the best components in the price range. It is a feature-rich set that has three sets of swappable tuning nozzles, exquisite metallic cavities, a premium cable with interchangeable connectors, and many more features. DUNU Falcon Pro comes at a fantastic deal price of 197.99$, a brilliant set at a brilliant deal!! Check more details here.

SMSL DO200: Reference-Class Desktop DAC!!

Retail: 489$.

Mid-Year Deal: 440.10$.


SMSL DO200 is here to feed your cravings for an amazing Desktop DAC. Equipped with Dual ES9068AS DAC chips the DO200 brings spectacular performance to your desktop chain. It has full MQA support along with high-res PCM and native DSD signal decoding support. SMSL has equipped the DO200 with an XMOS XU216 USB processor for unmatched performance via USB connectivity. Users can also enjoy high-resolution Bluetooth connectivity with the DO200, taking your Hi-Res audio wireless. The DO200 from SMSL is a fairly new product that retails at 489$, during our Mid-Year sale, grab the amazing DO200 for just 440.10$.

SMSL SH-9: Immensely Powerful THX Headphone Amplifier!!

Retail: 289.99$.

Mid-Year Deal: 260.99$.


SMSL SH-9 is a powerful headphone amplifier with patented feed-forward error correction technology. The THX-888 equipped amplifier packs a powerful performance in a compact form factor, it has got a powerful output rating of up to 6Wx2 driving even the most demanding headphones in the industry with ease. SMSL SH-9 houses both balanced and single-ended headphone connection points supporting a 4-pin XLR and a 6.35mm single-ended headphone output. If you are looking for a crazy powerful headphone amplifier, the SMSL SH-9 is available at an amazing deal price of 260.99$.

Gustard X26 Pro: The Ultimate Flagship Desktop DAC!!

Retail: 1499.99$.

Mid-Year Deal: 1349.99$.

Gustard X26 Pro

Gustard’s flagship X26 Pro is a true flagship Desktop DAC equipped with the flagship ES9038Pro DAC chip and second-generation XU216 USB processor. Gustard X26 Pro offers nothing but the best performance with its exceptional high-quality audiophile-grade components on the circuitry. How about we bring you an amazing deal on the X26 Pro, grab the amazing Gustard X26 Pro at an unbelievable price of 1349$.

Aune BU2: Portable Bluetooth Balanced DAC With Headphone Amplifier!!

Retail: 299.99$.

Mid-Year Deal Price: 269.99$.

Aune BU2

Aune’s latest BU2 portable Bluetooth USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier is available at a deal price for the very first time. Equipped with Dual ES9318 DAC chips, the BU2 delivers unmatched performance with master-tape level decoding. This compact device supports high-resolution 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 signal decoding. With the help of four independent amplifiers, the BU2 packs a powerful output. It offers best-in-class performance with its R2R ladder volume network. BU2 is a fairly new product released just a few months back, grab it at a discount for the first time ever!! Check out more details here.

xDuoo Poke II: Immensely Powerful Portable USB DAC/AMP!!

Retail: 390$.

Mid-Year Deal: 350$.

xDuoo Poke II

Looking for a powerful Portable USB DAC/AMP that you can use easily on the go?? xDuoo’s latest Poke II is here. Featuring a flagship-grade Dual DAC(CS43198x2) and a high-output current amp circuit, the xDuoo Poke II provides a wonderful listening experience. It has MQA rendering support along with high-res PCM and DSD signal decoding. Poke II has built-in EQ presets and supports Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for signal input. xDuoo has also featured a built-in microphone that allows you to attend calls too. Poke II is a wonderful device that brings extraordinary performance to your palms. Grab it at a discounted price during our latest Mid-Year sale!! Check out more info here.

How do you guys like the crazy deals we just posted above? Some of these products are available at a discount for the very first time during this Mid-Year sale by us!! Well, this is just a minor short glimpse of the whole event, we will be slashing prices on a whole lot more products. Our Mid-Year Sale starts on 27th June, make sure you drop by here for all the deals!!

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