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Colorfly CDA M2 High-Resolution Portable USB DAC/AMP With Dual CS43198 Flagship DAC Chips

Colorfly CDA M2 High-Resolution Portable USB DAC/AMP With Dual CS43198 Flagship DAC Chips

Colorfly is a pioneer in the HiFi audio industry., The brand is known for its exclusive range of premium sounding devices mainly dealing in portable USB DAC and Audio player categories. They have a dedicated R&D team working extensively to design premium quality audio products for enthusiasts. Quite recently, Colorfly has been developing some solid devices in the Portable USB DAC/AMP category. Recently, Colorfly launched a successor to the M1 DAC with the release of the CDA M1P, and today, we are excited to bring you their latest flagship-level portable USB DAC, introducing the all-new Colorfly CDA M2. Colorfly CDA M2 packs a premium audio architecture with dual flagship CS DAC chips, a revolutionary Audio Player level framework, a powerful amp section with dual independent operation amp chips, and many more features that make it a worthy everyday device. Enhance the way you enjoy your music with the Colorfly CDA M2 in your collection.

Colorfly CDA M2-1

Colorfly CDA M2 is launched officially for 159$, you can order yours with us here.

Colorfly CDA M2 houses a flagship-level dual DAC arrangement for enhanced sound possibilities. The DAC section here utilizes dual CS43198 32-bit DAC chips that provide exceptional sonic results achieving ultra-low distortion, high SNR, and great DNR performance. With an innovative Colorfly Flagship Audio Player Architecture design, the CDA M2 achieves consistent performance with optimum Asynchronized signal processing. It supports 768kHz PCM and Native DSD512 audio signals. The audio circuitry is designed with a 6-layered gold-plated PCB with isolated digital and analog sections. This precisely designed audio circuitry helps achieve a rich, lively sound presentation bypassing the USB Clock and Source device interferences, just delivering true high-fidelity audio!!

Colorfly CDA M2-2

Colorfly has equipped the CDA M2 with dual headphone output ports. We have a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced headphone connection port. The Amp section here utilizes dual independent XR2001 Operation Amplifier chips. They both work independently for both the ports providing a solid output through both the output options. Colorfly CDA M2 has a two-level gain adjustment that allows for easy pairing of both high-power requiring and high-sensitivity audio gear. The 3.5mm audio output port also provides Coaxial output. The CDA M2 also has a volume memory function, it memorizes the volume settings you had for both the outputs.

Colorfly CDA M2-3

Colorfly CDA M2 comes with a Ribbon-shaped USB Type-C connector cable. This cable is made using high-purity single-crystal copper silver-plated wire cores for optimum performance. The DAC/AMP brings a diverse sound experience with five different built-in digital filters. This enables the users to customize their experience with the device with fine adjustments to the sound tuning. The CDA M2 has got a solid build quality. The device is made using high-precision CNC machining process with premium Zinc Alloy material. It also has a built-in OLED Display screen and physical volume controls.

Colorfly CDA M2-4

Colorfly CDA M2 is a perfect gaming companion as well. With its UAC1.0 USB connection mode, the CDA M2 can be used with gaming consoles including the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch. Colorfly CDA M2 is a perfectly crafted device that provides a rich, accurate high-resolution audio experience with its precisely designed audio hardware. You can order yours with us for just 159$, check out more information here.

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