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Celest Ruyi: High-Quality OFC IEM Upgrade Cable With Detachable Omni-Directional Boom Microphone

Celest Ruyi: High-Quality OFC IEM Upgrade Cable With Detachable Omni-Directional Boom Microphone

Celest, a sister brand to Kinera has launched a brand new upgrade cable for IEMs, presenting the all-new Celest Ruyi. It’s a high-quality OFC wire upgrade cable that features a detachable Boom microphone. Ruyi has its roots deep in the classics of the Chinese dynasty. It is inspired by the legendary “The Classics of Mountains and Seas”, where Ruyi was actually the weapon that was used by the Yellow Emperor against the Chiyou in ancient times. Celest Ruyi with its detachable microphone can be used for calls, conferences, mobile karaoke, and any other scenario where a mic is a necessity. The two-pin 0.78mm connectors allow you to pair your favorite high-fidelity IEMs on the go.

Celest Ruyi-1

Celest Ruyi is priced at 29.99$, you can check out more details on our website here. The Ruyi is available on Amazon US, Amazon Japan, and Aliexpress as well.

Celest Ruyi upgrade cable has a hand-weaved two-strand configuration. Each strand here has 16*6*0.08mm high-quality OFC wires that create the strand. High-Purity OFC(oxygen-free copper) material enhances the output with smooth signal transmission and benefits the bass response with a rich tone.  Celest has designed the cable with beautiful sandblasted aluminum alloy metallic components on the termination plug and Y-splitter. The cable has a 3.5mm termination with a pure-copper material plug. It adopts standard 2-pin gold-plated 0.78mm connectors for wide compatibility with different IEMs.

Celest Ruyi-2

Celest Ruyi adopts a high-quality M49-Mute detachable microphone. It’s a high-fidelity audio pickup receptor with high-sensitivity voice pickup and wide frequency response. It allows for crisp voice recordings and transmissions. You can use your favorite IEMs while enjoying some karaoke, video conferencing, or any other scenario where you might need a microphone. Celest Ruyi IEM upgrade Cable features full in-line media controls. It has volume controls, and play/pause controls, and also provides support for skipping tracks. Ruyi also has a mute-mic switch that will mute the microphone when not in use.

Celest Ruyi-3

Celest Ruyi is a high-quality IEM upgrade cable. You can use it with your premium IEMs and enjoy voice calls, video meetings, online classes, etc. The cable is compatible with different accessories as well such as a 3.5mm to Lighting connector and a 3.5mm to Type-C connector so that you can use it with your smartphones easily. Celest has priced it attractively for just 29.99$, feel free to check out more information here.

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