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Celest Phoenixcall 1DD+2BA+2 Micro Planar Driver Multi-Driver Hybrid IEMs

Celest Phoenixcall 1DD+2BA+2 Micro Planar Driver Multi-Driver Hybrid IEMs

Kinera’s sub-brand Celest has made a good reputation among audiophiles with only a few products under its name. The brand got all the attention it needed with its debutant product, the Celest Gumiho as it brought a specially developed new kind of planar driver which Celest named SPD(Square Planar Driver). Kinera and Celest closely worked together to further enhance the performance and we got the SPD2.0 in the next release, the Celest Pandamon. Pandamon again got good reviews from users worldwide. Fast forward to today, Celest is back with another release, this time though, we have got something special, a brand new multi-driver hybrid IEM, introducing the all-new Celest Phoenixcall.

Celest Phoenixcall-1

Celest Phoenixcall is launched officially for 129.99$, available in two color options. Know more details here. It's also avaialble on our Amazon US, Amazon Japan, and Aliexpress stores.

Phoenixcall Background Story:-

There’s a beautiful story related to the name and design of the Phoenixcall. It is named after an ancient Chinese mythology tale of “The Legends of Mountains & Sea” where thousands of birds fly and the incident is called Phoenix call. It’s a legendary tale, Heaven and Earth stood solemnly, day & night interchange, seasons reincarnate. Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, winds, blizzards, rain, and snow, everything stops and the birds appear out of nowhere together filling the skies, filling the skies with their presence and the atmosphere with their sweet songs. Flocks and flocks of birds meet each other and depict a harmonic grand scene of thousands of birds flocking back to their southern home. Celest has taken a deep inspiration from this tale, the pair looks and feels absolutely amazing. The face covers have an outstandingly beautiful hand-painted design depicting the flight of the birds during this Phoenixcall.

Celest Phoenixcall-2

Exclusively Designed Driver Configuration:-

Celest Phoenixcall has a specially crafted five-driver hybrid setup consisting of one dynamic driver, two balanced armature drivers, and two newly crafted micro planar drivers on each side. The micro planar drivers used here are also referred to as the latest generation for that special SPD, so it is also known as SPD3.0.

Celest has carefully adjusted the drivers in a multi-driver frequency crossover using both physical and electronic crossover techniques. It is achieved with precisely crafted 3D printed acoustic cavity structure. The acoustic tubes are clearly visible through the transparent shells. Phoenixcall adopts a 7mm custom dynamic driver unit for a strong and impactful lower-end, one high-performance customized BA driver for producing natural and accurate midrange response, another high-performance customized BA driver for crisp, detailed treble, and the two FPD drivers provide extended and detailed ultra-high frequency response.

Celest Phoenixcall -3

Professional Tuning Adjustments:-

Celest has tuned the pair for deep and elastic bass response, clear, natural midrange response, and energetic & lively treble frequency response. With professional tuning adjustments, the Phoenixcall has achieved a clear, crispy sound which is pleasing to listen to. The sound of the Phoenixcall is sweet and musical, it delivers lovely vocals making it a great choice for everyday music listening.

Exquisite Design With Hand-Painted Face Covers:-

The shells for the Phoenixcall have a significant design. The pair has a Phoenix pattern as the main element for its face covers. It is combined with other bird and flower patterns with wild and bold lines and a colourful background depicting the beautiful sky during Phoenixcall. The face covers are beautifully handpainted by professional artists giving the set an exclusive look and feel. It is made available in two colour options, pink-blue, and clear white. it looks as stunning as it gets in both colour options.

Celest Phoenixcall-4

Premium Cable, Rich Eartips:-

We get a bunch of high-quality accessories in the package including three sets of Celest 221 Vocal enhancing eartips, and three sets of Celest C-07 balanced eartips. Celest also bundles a high-purity 5N copper silver-plated cable available in either 3.5mm or 4.4mm termination options. The cable here has 8-core braiding with 48 strands of 0.06mm each. It adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. The termination plug is made up of high-quality pure copper material and the metallic parts on this cable are made up of Aluminum alloy material.

Celest Phoenixcall-5

Experience the enchanting Phoenixcall and get lost in your favorite music with the all-new Celest Phoenixcall. The pair is launched officially for just 129.99$, check out more information over here.

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