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CCZ Plume Latest 10-Driver Hybrid IEMs Launched

CCZ Plume Latest 10-Driver Hybrid IEMs Launched

In-Ear Monitors(Commonly known as IEMs) are the preferred type of transducers for many as they are compact and usually don’t have high power requirements. Brands are constantly developing new pairs with different driver configurations and technologies in order to keep us up to date with high-quality sound and performance. Today, we are welcoming a brand new pair of IEMs from a fairly new name, the all-new CCZ Plume.

CCZ Plume-1

CCZ Plume features exclusively designed full-metal earpieces housing a powerful five driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair features a powerful dual magnetic dynamic driver unit paired with four custom-tuned balanced armature drivers on each side. It comes with exclusive full-metallic ear cavities with custom-designed ear tips. Currently, the CCZ Plume is available an introductory sale price of 199$ which is valid for the next seven days. The official MSRP of CCZ Plume is 239$.


>Five Driver Hybrid Configuration Per Side.

>10mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic Driver.

>Four High-Performance Custom-Tuned Balanced Armature Drivers.

>Exclusive Design.

>Full-Metal Cavity.

>Professional Tuning.

>High-Purity Copper Cable With 2.5mm Balanced Termination.

>Comfortable Fit.

>Rich Accessories.

>Impedance: 16 ohm.

>Sensitivity: 110dB.

>Standard 0.78mm 2-pin Connectors.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

CCZ Plume-2

Powerful Dual-Magnetic Dynamic Driver:-

CCZ Plume features a powerful 10mm dynamic driver with double magnetic flux. It has high sensitivity with powerful magnetic flux producing rich transients and texture in the lower end. This dynamic driver provides a flexible low-frequency with powerful, deep bass response.

Custom-Tuned Balanced Armature Drivers:-

CCZ has equipped the Plume with four custom-tuned balanced armature drivers for a smooth, highly detailed mid and high-frequency response. The pair features an exclusive CCZ-IF-A composite dual balanced armature unit for mid-frequencies and two independent custom-tuned CCZ-HI-A balanced armature drivers for high-frequencies.

CCZ Plume-3

Natural & Transparent Sound Tuning:-

The five-driver hybrid setup is tuned by professional acoustic engineers to provide a natural and transparent sound output. The pair has mellow, sweet vocals, flexible, well-textured bass response, excellent instrument separation, and natural tonality. It is tuned to suit multiple genres such as Bass, Vocals, Pop, Folk, and more.

Exclusive Full-Metallic Earpieces:-

CCZ Plume earpieces are made with high-precision 5-axis CNC machining processes that include carving, hand-grinding, polishing, and more. They have a shiny, jewelry-like finish made with high-quality aluminum alloy material. They have an ergonomic design crafted after a deep study on ear-canal data achieving a comfortable and perfect fit for most users.

CCZ Plume-4

6N High-Purity Copper Cable:-

CCZ bundles the Plume with a high-purity 6N copper cable with balanced 2.5mm termination. This cable greatly improves Plume’s transparency, separation, soundstage, producing a clearer and smooth sound. The package also includes 2.5mm-3.5mm and 2.5mm-4.4mm connectors.

Price & Availability:-

CCZ Plume is currently available at a discounted price of 199$. This price is valid only for seven days, after that it will reach its MSRP of 239$. Check out more details here.

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