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CCA Launches All-New HM20: Latest 16-Driver Hybrid Flagship IEMs

CCA Launches All-New HM20: Latest 16-Driver Hybrid Flagship IEMs

In just a little time, CCA has made a good name in the HiFi audio industry. It’s a sister brand to KZ and usually deals in the budget segment of premium in-ear monitors. Today, CCA has released its latest flagship pair of hybrid in-ear monitors, the CCA HM20. Packed with a 16-driver hybrid configuration(8 drivers on each side), the CCA HM20 promises exceptional clarity, a wide soundstage, powerful bass response, and crisp vocals to its listeners. CCA has specially designed a 3D-printed acoustic tube structure to ensure high-quality performance with lower distortion in the output signal. The pair comes equipped with the latest-generation XUN-7 dynamic driver and it is paired with 7 high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. Upgrade your musical journey with the all-new CCA HM20 and experience your favorite music in an all-new light!!

CCA HM20-1

CCA has launched the flagship HM20 at an attractive price tag of just 71$. Check out more information here.

HM20 features the innovative “XUN-7” dynamic driver. This driver has got a powerful magnetic circuit, an ultra-thin diaphragm, and a dual-cavity structure. HM20 utilizes this dynamic driver to produce a shockingly powerful lower-end response. It is paired with 3 sets of 50024s multiple BA drivers for a clean midrange with rich vocals and beautifully defined instruments. CCA has also featured a 30019S balanced armature driver for smooth and detailed high-frequency performance. Collectivity, these drivers are arranged in a three-way frequency division. The HM20 not only has electronic but also physical crossover. CCA has designed a 3D-printed acoustic cavity structure consisting of acoustic ducts(tubes) that helps in delivering a clean performance with lower distortion.

CCA HM20-2

CCA HM20 takes a unique design approach for a premium look and a comfortable fit. The pair uses high-quality skin-friendly resin material cavities that are attached to high-quality premium-finished Zinc Alloy face covers. The face covers of HM20 are crafted using 27 complex processes such as polishing, sandblasting, electroplating, etc. The pair not only looks beautiful but also provides a super comfortable fit with its ergonomic design and lightweight form factor.

CCA HM20-3

CCA HM20 uses high-quality silver-plated cable for the flagship HM20. The silver-plated structure of this cable enhances the output with crisp resolution and smooth transmission with low signal loss during transmission allowing the pair to breathe properly and deliver quality high-resolution sound performance.

Grab the HM20 for just 71$, you can check out more information on the HM20 here.

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