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CCA CC4: Latest Dual-Driver Hybrid Bluetooth V5.2 TWS

CCA CC4: Latest Dual-Driver Hybrid Bluetooth V5.2 TWS

CCA might sound like a new name, but they share a lot with the well-known KZ Acoustics. They are a sister brand to the famous KZ Acoustics and similar to them, CCA focuses on designing high-quality audio IEMs and TWS at affordable prices. Today, CCA has announced its latest set of hi-res TWS earphones, the CCA CC4.


CCA CC4 utilizes the strengths of QCC3040, a premium Bluetooth signal chip. It supports Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity with a stable and lag-free connection with high-resolution aptX audio codec support. CCA CC4 has a dual-driver hybrid setup featuring a 10mm polymer composite diaphragm dynamic driver paired with a 30019 balanced armature driver. For low-latency output, the CCA CC4 features a special high-performance mode that the users can enable very easily. It provides ultra-low latency making the pair a suitable choice for playing video games. CCA CC4 is available in two different color options, White and Black. It is available to purchase at just 43.99$.


>Latest-gen Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth Chip.

>Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity.

>Stable, Lag-free Bluetooth Connection.

>AptX LL, AptX Wireless Codec Support.

>HD Microphone.

>Dual Driver Hybrid Setup.

>10mm Polymer Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

>30019 High-Frequency BA Driver.

>Integrated Electronic Crossover.

>Touch Operation.

>Bluetooth Range: Up to 15m.

>Sensitivity: 101dB.

>Weight of Both Earpieces: 10g.

>Charging Case weight: 37g.

>Long Battery Life.


Latest High-Performance Bluetooth Chip:-

CCA has adopted the latest generation QCC3040 Bluetooth processor chip by Qualcomm. It is a high-performance low-power-consumption Bluetooth chip that provides seamless Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. It greatly improves signal transmission with HD audio quality. This Qualcomm QCC3040 chip also enables the support for AptX LL and aptX high-resolution audio codecs with the CA4.

10mm Polymer Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver:-

CCA CC4 features a custom 10mm polymer composite diaphragm dynamic driver unit that produces outstanding lower-end performance. It brings a wide sound presentation with a deep, punchy lower end. It enhances the musical experience with a good punch in and presents the users with an energetic sound.


High-Frequency Balanced Armature Driver:-

Complementing the powerful lower end produced by the customized dynamic driver there is a 30019 high-performance balanced armature driver that produces an accurate mid-range and smooth high-frequency response.

Special Low-Latency High-Performance Game Mode:-

Enter into the high-performance mode that instantly provides low-latency output with a delay of as low as 40ms making the CC4 a fantastic option to watch movies or play video games.


Comfortable Design & Fit-

CCA has developed the ear cavities in the CC4 after a deep study on the shape of the inner auricle of the ear. The earpieces cover the entire ear canal blocking unnecessary background noises. It is extremely comfortable to wear, providing a firm fit for most users.

Smart Touch Operation:-

CCA CC4 features a smart touch operation. It has a touch-sensitive button on the face covers. The pair can be operated for different functions such as play/pause music, skipping to previous/next track, start voice assistant, and more, with just a simple touch of a finger.

Price & Availability:-

CCA CC4 is officially launched today at just 43.99$. It is available in two color options, White and Black. Order your favorite color today!!

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