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Cayin RU7: Portable USB DAC AMP With Pure 1-Bit R2R Ladder Array DAC News

Cayin RU7: Portable USB DAC AMP With Pure 1-Bit R2R Ladder Array DAC News

Cayin is one of the top HiFi audio brands from China. They are known for their premium range of products specializing in headphone amplifiers, portable Android digital audio players, portable USB DAC/AMPs, and more. Quite recently, Cayin has introduced its brand new portable USB DAC/AMP, the Cayin RU7. RU7 comes as a successor to the award-winning RU6 and upgrades it with a fully discrete pure 1-Bit R2R ladder array DAC architecture. It is actually based on their recently launched N7 portable audio player which is also getting good attention among audiophiles. Cayin RU7 promises top-quality audio performance in a compact and lightweight form factor!!

Cayin RU7-1

Cayin RU7 is introduced for 289.99$, you can check out more information and details here.

Equipped with a specially developed 1-Bit R2R DAC architecture, Cayin RU7 supports Hi-Res DSD signal decoding. The DAC section here features a micro-miniaturized 1-Bit DAC circuit formed using discrete film resistors. It has a fully differentiated 4-ch DAC with 128 high-precision film resistors(4x32). Cayin has featured high-quality resistors to offer great performance and achieve 1-Bit DSD signal decoding.

Cayin RU7-2

Alongside this precisely developed R2r ladder array network, the RU7 also features a balanced signal amplification circuit. It has two headphone output ports, 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced, both of which are also capable of providing line-out function with fixed volume level. The RU7 has a strong output thrust delivering up to 400mW of clean output at 32Ω of load through the 4.4mm port. Even with SE 3.5mm output the RU7 provides up to 160mW of output thrust. You can easily drive your IEMs and some low-power requiring headphones as well with the RU7 by your side.

Cayin RU7-3

Cayin has developed the RU7 with a discrete R2R volume array. It has 100 steps of volume that provide precise adjustment of the volume and allows the RU7 to be paired with both sensitive as well as high-power requiring IEMs. Cayin has got years of expertise in designing premium audio products. Using that expertise, the RU7 is designed in a simple form factor with CNC machined metallic chassis that houses a small OLED display screen. The device weighs in at just 25 grams and has a compact form factor. It comes with a high-quality leather protective case included in the package. Cayin RU7 is something that promises top-quality sound with a rich natural tone and exciting clarity throughout the frequency band. It supports all leading audio signals including PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz and native DSD256. The RU7 also has an all-to-DSD feature that enhances the provided signal with 1-Bit DSD decoding.

Cayin RU7-4

Cayin has launched the RU7 for 289.99$, more information is available here!!

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