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Cayin N6ii DAP Latest Firmware Announced!!!

Cayin N6ii DAP Latest Firmware Announced!!!

Cayin released the latest firmware for its Android-based digital audio player, the Cayin N6ii. The latest firmware adds support for the upcoming new Audio Motherboard for the player and a few optimizations.

Cayin N6ii-1

Changes and Features in Firmware v1.22EN:-

>Added data and user-interface to support the forthcoming Audio Motherboard.

>Fixed “PO/LO” icon error on the Notification Bar for BAL on A01 and T01 audio motherboards.

>Other bugs fixed and system optimization.

Users can update their Cayin N6ii player with two different methods, Local upgrade method, and OTA(Over the Air) Wi-fi method.

Please Note:-

Please make sure your device has more than 30% of battery and at least 1GB of free space before you start the upgrade. Do not operate the device during the firmware update procedure. During a firmware update, the device will turn off and reboot automatically. If the device does not reboot 3 minutes after it turns off, please press and hold the POWER BUTTON for 3 seconds to boot up the device, it will automatically resume the firmware update process. Please delete/remove the firmware file from the TF card after a firmware update.

Local Upgrade Method:-

>Download the file from official Cayin website here.

>Copy the downloaded file to the root directory of either the internal memory of your player or to your external SD card.

>Enter the “Settings” menu.

>Click on “Wireless update”.

>Press the Three dot icon on the top right corner.

>Click on “Local Update” from the drop-down menu.

>Navigate to the Firmware file you just copied on your device and click on it.

>Press “Install Now”.

>Click on “ok” at the dialogue box.

>The installation will begin and the device will restart.

OTA Method:-

>Start the Wi-fi on your Cayin N6ii and connect to the internet.

>Enter the “Settings” menu and click on “Wireless Update”.

>Click on “Check for Updates”.

>Click on “Download” after the device detects the new firmware.

>Press on “Install Now” after the download is completed.

>Click on “ok” at the dialogue box.

>Installation will begin and the device will restart.

This will help you update your device to the latest firmware.

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