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Cayin N3 Ultra Dual AK4493S and Dual JAN6418 Tube Digital Audio Player

Cayin N3 Ultra Dual AK4493S and Dual JAN6418 Tube Digital Audio Player

Cayin has revamped its N3 series of portable audio players with the all-new Cayin N3 Ultra. It comes as a direct successor to the award-winning Cayin N3 Pro that came out a few years ago. Cayin N3 Pro revolutionized the market with its Vaccum Tube design in the mid-fi segment of digital audio players. The latest Cayin N3 Ultra follows that legacy and brings us dual Raytheon JAN6418 vacuum tubes packed in their military-grade storage compartments carefully crafted for the N3 Ultra. The DAP offers three different timbre options, 10-Band PEQ, and utilized dual AK4493S as its DAC arrangement. Cayin N3 Ultra brings you the taste of vacuum tube in a portable and handy form factor!! We are super excited for the all-new Cayin N3 Ultra, are you??

Cayin N3 Ultra-1

Cayin N3 Ultra is available in its classy midnight black color option priced at $529.99, you can check out more details here.

As mentioned above, the N3 Ultra features two Raytheon JAN6418 military-grade vacuum tubes. The tubes are carefully protected in their customized shock-proof case which also protects the sound signal from external electromagnetic interferences. They also have suspension that protects the tubes from getting damaged. The N3 Ultra has 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone/line output ports, all of which support both Tube and Solid-state timbre options. The Cayin N3 Ultra has three timbre options, Classic Tube(Rich, melodious, smooth), Modern Tube(Faster, Bigger stage, cleaner tube touch), and Solid-state Timbre(smoother, faster, and snappier). You can choose between the three modes easily. The Tube Timbre on the N3 Ultra is simply superb, it is smooth and captivating in both the Tube Timbre modes.

Cayin N3 Ultra-2

Cayin N3 Ultra houses a dual DAC arrangement. It features Dual AK4493S DAC chips implemented independently for each channel. It has one chip handling right channel decoding, and one for left. They support decoding for high-resolution PCM(up to 32-bit/768kHz) and native DSD(DSD512) audio signals. The home button on the front of the device has a multi-color LED that glows as per the active file bitrate. Cayin N3 Ultra comes loaded with Android OS tailored for a smooth and responsive UI. It houses Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 for a snappier user experience.

Cayin N3 Ultra supports 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced headphone and line-out options. The N3 Ultra packs a punch despite its compact size. It has a power output rating of up to 600mW through the balanced output port. It would easily drive your IEMs with ease and bring high-quality music enjoyment in its portable form factor. With CNC machined body, the Cayin N3 Ultra has a premium look and feel.

Cayin N3 Ultra-3

Cayin has equipped the N3 Ultra with a 4500mAh high-capacity battery. It has a rated battery life of close to 12 hours with a single-ended output in Solid-State timbre, for Tube timbre and 4.4mm output, we have a rated lifespan of about 8 hours. The N3 Ultra supports QC3.0 quick charging protocol that charges the device faster. Cayin N3 Ultra is now available for just $529, you can get yours here.

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