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Cayin Introduces All-New N7 Pure 1-Bit Android 12 Digital Audio Player WIth Fully-Discrete Components

Cayin Introduces All-New N7 Pure 1-Bit Android 12 Digital Audio Player WIth Fully-Discrete Components

Cayin celebrates its 30th Anniversary with the release of the all-new N7 Portable Digital Audio Player. Cayin N7 is the brand’s first-ever, even the industry’s first even full-discrete fully balanced pure 1-Bit DSD digital audio player. It has been designed with a series of fully discrete circuits including the DAC section, the LPF section, the Amp section, etc. Cayin with the all-new N7 promises nothing else but exceptional sound capabilities in a handy package. The player supports all advanced functions such as Class A/AB Amp modes, high-power output, pure 1-Bit DSD DAC, 3.5mm/4.4mm headphone/line out ports, open Android 12 OS, etc. It’s the perfect portable audio player that promises nothing else but an exceptionally pure sound experience to the listeners!!

Cayin N7-1

Cayin has introduced the latest N7 with a price tag of 1,999$, you can check out more information over here.

As mentioned earlier, Cayin N7 is the industry’s first portable audio player that houses fully discrete audio circuitry in a fully-balanced design. It takes efforts and years of research to develop a fully-discrete audio circuitry. As a benefit, it allows more room to fine-tune the sound signature and offers improved sound over OPAMP-based circuits. Cayin N7 adopts a fully-discrete 1-Bit Pure DSD DAC that converts the digital signal into analog through a resistor ladder network series composed of 128 precisely chosen thin-film resistors. It is supported by a discrete LPF circuit and a discrete fully balanced amplification circuit. Cayin N7 promises an organic, natural, lively sound that is true to the listeners and the fully discrete audio circuitry has made it possible for Cayin to achieve such a level of awesomeness.

Cayin N7-2

Cayin N7 houses a 4-channel discrete component-based fully-balanced headphone amp circuit. It has Class A and Class AB dual operational modes and delivers amazing performance in both modes. The circuitry here adopts low-noise JFET as the differential input stage and BJT as the voltage amplification and output stage. Class A amplification requires all channels to be in near-identical gain, they are manually matched and manually installed to the PCB before final soldering. With this dual-mode amplification, N7 achieves ultra-clean and refined sound output that is suitable for both, low-impedance high-sensitivity IEMs and high-impedance, low-sensitivity Headphones.

Cayin N7-3

Cayin has featured independent output ports for headphone output and line/pre-amp output on the N7. The device supports 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced output connections, it has dual 3.5mm and dual 4.4mm ports one for headphones and the other for line/pre-amp output. The player uses a resistance ladder-based electronic volume controller from JRC. It adopts a 4-channel design in one single integrated chip. Cayin N7 allows ultimate precision and lower distortion while adjusting the volume.

Cayin N7-4

Cayin N7 is an ideal music player that fulfills all your requirements. It comes loaded with open Android 12 OS with SRC bypass enabling high-res decoding across unlimited media applications. It houses Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC along with 4GB of RAM for smooth, Lag-free UI. Cayin has enabled support for all leading audio formats supporting PCM signals up to 32-Bit/768kHz bitrate, native DSD512, and full 16x MQA decoding. The player packs an enormous 9000mAh battery pack that provides a  battery life of up to 10 hours and supports PD2.0 quick charging. Cayin N7 is designed to take your music listening experience to all-new heights, are you prepared to witness the awesomeness of the N7??? Check out more details on the player over here.

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