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CatEar Tuxedo IEM Upgrade Cable Released

CatEar Tuxedo IEM Upgrade Cable Released

Earlier this year CatEar Audio debuted in the international market with their very first product, the CatEar Mia. The Mia bagged many positive feedbacks from the community and made the brand instantly known worldwide. They have released their latest product, the CatEar Tuxedo. It is a premium IEM upgrade cable featuring a multi-stranded Litz structure using high-purity silver-plated OCC Copper cores.

CatEar Tuxedo:-

CatEar Tuxedo-1

CatEar Tuxedo is a premium IEM upgrade cable made of 252 cores of high-purity silver-plated OCC copper wires stranded together in a multi-strand Litz structure. It features premium rhodium-plated copper termination plugs available in different termination options including 5-pole 4.4mm Bal, 4-pole 2.5mm Bal, and 3-pole 3.5mm SE. It is available in both universal MMCX and 0.78mm 2-Pin connector types. Users can choose the termination and connector option while ordering. Just like the Mia IEMs from CatEar, the components including the cable, connectors, and termination plugs undergo -196℃ Cryogenic Treatment. Price starts at 79$ for the 3.5mm variant and goes up to 85$ for the 4.4mm variant. Check out more details here.


>-196℃ Cryogenic Treatment For Components.

>Multi-stranded Litz Structure.

>Premium Silver-Plated OCC Wires.

>Rhodium-Plated Copper Termination Plugs.

>Geman WBT 4% Pure-Silver Soldering Material.

>Available Termination Plug Options:- 4.4mm Bal, 2.5mm Bal, 3.5mm SE.

>Available Connector Type:- MMCX and 2-Pin 0.78mm.

Technical Specifications:-

>Total Cores: 252 Cores.

>Plating-Purity: 99.996%.

>Coating Thickness ≈ 60mil.

>Conductor Thickness: 26AWGx4.

>Insulation Material: DuPont-PVC.

>Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm.

Best For Your HiFi Earphones:-

CatEar Tuxedo-2

CatEar Audio has carefully crafted the Tuxedo with the best of the components to provide a high-fidelity upgrade cable for your IEMs. With the Tuxedo your IEMs show an instant improvement in the sound output, effectively reducing the lower end muddiness, improving the mid-frequency clarity, lowers the dryness in high-frequencies. In other words, it will be the best companion for your beloved pair of IEMs.

-196℃ Cryogenic Treatment:-

All the components including the cable, connectors, and termination plugs undergo -196℃ cryogenic treatment for up to 72 hours. This is done to improve the longevity of audio gears and the sustainability of the components.

High-Purity Materials:-

CatEar Tuxedo-3

The multiple stranded Litz structure is made up of 252 cores of Silver-plated OCC copper wires with 99.99997% purity. The cable has high-quality DuPont-PVC insulation sheathing to improve the flexibility and remove any microphonic issues with the cable. Internal welding is done using German WBT 4$ pure-silver soldering material. The termination plugs are made of high-purity Rhodium-plated copper plugs.

Anti-Loose Shrapnel:-

The gold-plated connector pins are equipped with anti-loose shrapnel reducing the contact resistance and ensuring a fast & efficient overall signal transmission.

Multiple Termination & Connector Options:-

Catear Tuxedo-4

The CatEar Tuxedo can be bought in different termination and connector options. You can choose between three different termination options including 4.4mm Bal, 2.5mm Bal, and 3.5mm SE plugs for your cable. The Tuxedo is available in two different connector options, universal MMCX, and 0.78mm Two-pin connectors.

Price & Availability:-

The CatEar Tuxedo is available to purchase from our store here. It starts from 79$ for a 3.5mm SE variant and goes up to 89$ for a 4.4mm Bal plug variant. Shipments will begin shortly.

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