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BQEYZ Launches "Winter": Hybrid IEMs With 12mm Dynamic Driver & 11.6mm PZT Bone-Conduction Driver

BQEYZ Launches "Winter": Hybrid IEMs With 12mm Dynamic Driver & 11.6mm PZT Bone-Conduction Driver

Following the success of Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons, Winter has arrived at BQEYZ’s Doors, presenting the all-new BQEYZ Winter. BQEYZ has got a good rep in the HiFi audio industry mainly with its premium in-ear monitor lineup based on different seasons. Each season has been designed with a unique driver combination, the Spring and Summer Series had a tribrid setup, and the Autumn brought a single dynamic driver setup. The latest Winter is designed with a dual-driver arrangement housing a 12mm custom-developed dynamic driver and an 11.6mm PZT Bone-Conduction driver unit on each side. Winter is a premium offering from BQEYZ, the pair adopts high-quality CNC-machined aluminum alloy ear cavities!! With its unique dual-driver arrangement, experience a new level of clarity and separation from your favorite music!!

BQEYZ Winter-1

BQEYZ Winter is launched in two color options, Black and Silver, Official price is set at 239$. Check out more details on the BQEYZ Winter over here.

Winter houses a combination of Air Conduction and Bone Conduction Drivers. Air Conduction here refers to the 12mm custom-developed dynamic driver unit. This driver produces impactful lower-end and midrange performance. It is combined with an 11.6mm PZT-based Bone-Conduction Driver Unit. This BCD unit is adjusted for crisp high-frequency response. And it does bring wonders with the Winter. The pair achieves quality sound with excellent instrument separation and wide soundstage presentation.

BQEYZ Winter-2

The bone-conduction driver used here in the Winter greatly enhances its sound performance with its crisp high-frequency response. BQEYZ has designed the Winter with CNC machined aluminum alloy ear cavities. The face covers have an elevated 3D pattern that resembles skiing terrain during the Winter season. Winter is available in two color options, Black and Silver with Metallic Green and Rose Gold Rims on the face covers.

BQEYZ Winter-3

BQEYZ packs the Winter with a high-quality silver-plated Monocrystalline copper cable as stock. It offers a choice of termination to the buyer with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plug options. BQEYZ Winter is launched officially for 239$, you can check more details here.

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