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BQEYZ Cloud 1DD+1Passive Radiator Dynamic Driver IEMs

BQEYZ Cloud 1DD+1Passive Radiator Dynamic Driver IEMs

BQEYZ has just dropped its latest product, introducing the BQEYZ Cloud. It is their latest launch in their famous “Nature” series of in-ear monitors. BQEYZ has designed the Cloud with a dual-driver setup, featuring a rather unique dual-driver arrangement. The pair features a combination of a dynamic driver with a dual-cavity design and an LCP diaphragm. This DD unit is a full-range driver unit. It is combined with a 6.8mm passive radiator driver unit with a flexible diaphragm. This second driver works entirely with the air pressure from the 10mm driver unit. The shells are crafted with full precision. The BQEYZ Cloud surely packs a wonderful sound with classy and elegant looking in-ear monitors.

BQEYZ Cloud-1

BQEYZ Cloud is launched at an attractive price of just $169, check out more details here.

As mentioned above, the BQEYZ Cloud features a dual-driver setup. The pair has a 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver unit. This driver unit adopts a high-quality LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) material diaphragm. It is tough and robust material diaphragm that helps in producing a smoother sound presentation with fast and detailed response. The other driver is a 6.8mm passive auxiliary driver. This driver’s diaphragm moves when the air from the 10mm Dynamic Driver is circulated to it. BQEYZ has specially developed the cavity structure for the Cloud. It has been optimized for optimum air flow inside the shells. With the air force produced by the LCP diaphragm of the active driver here, the inner cavity aerodynamics move the air to the passive auxiliary driver unit. This carefully designed cavity structure also helps in balancing the air pressure build-up inside the IEM cavity.

BQEYZ Cloud-2

BQEYZ has got years of experience in designing premium quality in-ear monitors. The latest Cloud is no different. We have exquisite craftsmanship for the pair. The ear shells have been crafted using a high-precision 5-axis CNC-machining process. They are completely metallic and made up of high-quality aluminium alloy material. BQEYZ Cloud looks elegant and classy. It is available in two color options, Black and Cyan.

BQEYZ Cloud-3

BQEYZ bundles the Cloud with a bunch of high-quality accessories. First, we have a zipper carry case, then we have a high-quality detachable cable featuring 2-pin 0.78mm connectors, and then we have a range of high-quality ear tips. BQEYZ has adjusted the tuning of the Cloud for a clean, crisp sound output with a neutral tone. It has an extended treble region and a solid lower end as well. The vocals are reproduced with great clarity and tone.

BQEYZ Cloud is an interesting set of in-ear monitors. The tech implemented on the set is really unique and worth experiencing.  You can get this stunning pair for just $169, check out more details here.

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