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BGVP Q2 Announced: Wired or Wireless Your Choice!!

BGVP Q2 Announced: Wired or Wireless Your Choice!!

BGVP is a China-based earphone manufacturer which is widely famous for its brilliantly tuned in-ear monitors, especially the BGVP DM6. They have released a new TWS set of earbuds in January 2020 the BGVP Q2.

BGVP Q2 is a true wireless set of earbuds, which has dual Knowles balanced armature driver unit providing one with a balanced and natural sound output. The main highlight of this TWS is that it can be used in two different ways, one as a TWS set of earbuds where you can use the earbuds without any wire, like truely wireless or you can attach it to an MMCX wire and use it with any of your devices without Bluetooth facility.

Priced at only 100$ you can order a pair of these brilliant TWS earphones at our store here.

3D Printed Resin Shells:-

The BGVP Q2 Earpieces are made up of high-quality 3D printed resin shells with a shiny BGVP logo printed on the faceplate. The BGVP Q2 is available in three different colors, Obsidian Black, Roland Purple, and Starry Blue. The earphones look brilliant in all the three colors, the shells have an ergonomic and small design which makes the earphones fit comfortably and firmly with or without wires attached.

With or With Wires, Your Choice:-

The main attraction with BGVP Q2 is the function to use it with or without wire as per our choice. We can use the earpieces with Bluetooth connectivity easily, and if we don't have the facility of Bluetooth in our devices, we can simply connect the MMCX cable included in the package and use it with any device with 3.5mm connection port. This is also beneficial when the earpieces run out of battery, we can simply use the MMCX cable.

Hybrid Balanced Armature Drivers For Amazing Sound Output:-

The BGVP Q2 is equipped with a hybrid driver unit of two Knowles balanced armature units which provides a balanced and natural sound output, the bass has a quick and fast response with good details, mids sound lush and natural, while the treble areas are smooth and detailed with no sibilance at all. The balanced sound output makes it suitable for watching movies and listening to any genre of music.

Bluetooth 5.0 Support:-

BGVP Q2 has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option, Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of Bluetooth supported by most of the devices available in the market. It offers strong and smooth connectivity with no interruptions at all. The music is always lag-free and video synchronization is really good on the device.

Key-less Touch Button:-

The BGVP Q2 has a touch-responsive button on the faceplate, it is not a physical button but a touch-responsive one. You can use this button to play/pause your music, or pick/hangup calls with a simple touch.

26 Hours of Battery Life:-

The BGVP Q2 gives a battery life of up to 26 hours with the charging case and on a single run, it can last for up to 5-6 hours, providing you enough battery to go through an entire day of your music with no interruptions.


Overall the BGVP Q2 looks like a steal for the price it is being offered for, it carries two Knowles balanced armature driver unit each side, gives a great battery life and provides us an option to either connect with wire or wirelessly which is a welcome feature to the True Wireless Set of earphones.

If you really liked the BGVP Q2, you can order a pair for yourself here at our store.

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