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BGVP NE5: Latest 1DD+2BA+2EST Tribrid IEMs

BGVP NE5: Latest 1DD+2BA+2EST Tribrid IEMs

Redefining the way we listen to our music, This year we have seen a lot of brands implementing Tribrid configuration in IEMs. Many famous brands including Moondrop, DUNU have released quality products such as the EST112 from DUNU and Variations from Moondrop. Today, BGVP, a well-known HiFi IEM manufacturing brand has joined the bandwagon of tribrid IEMs with their latest pair, the all-new BGVP NE5.


For the NE5, BGVP adopts a five-driver tribrid configuration housing a powerful DD, two BA, and two EST drivers on each side. It’s not just the driver configuration that makes the BGVP NE5 special, the pair is designed with the latest tech and features to make it unique & stand out in the market. BGVP has designed beautiful metallic earpieces with aviation-grade aluminum alloy material using a high-precision CNC machining process for a rich, well-textured finish. The pair adopts a 3D printed internal acoustic cavity frame that effectively reduces harmonic distortion in the output signal. BGVP NE5 is launched in two different color options, Electroplated Silver, and Electroplated Grey. It is available to purchase for 499$, check out more details here.


>Five driver tribrid configuration.

>10mm Dynamic driver with liquid silicone diaphragm.

>Independent Knowles Balanced armature driver.

>Independent Sonion balanced armature driver.

>Dual Sonion EST drivers.

>Patented four-way frequency distribution.

>Beautiful Diamond-Cut Faceplates.

>Swappable tuning nozzle.

>High-precision CNC machined earpieces made with aviation-grade aluminum alloy.

>Fifth-generation DLC 3D printed inner cavity.

>High-quality silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable.

>Hi-Res Certified.

>Impedance: 12 ohm.

>THD+N: </= 0.5%.

>Sensitivity: 109dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Channel difference: </= 1dB(20Hz-10kHz).

>Connector Type: MMCX.


Redefine Your Music With A Powerful Tribrid IEM:-

BGVP NE5 adopts a powerful five-driver tribrid setup on each side. The pair houses a custom-developed 10mm dynamic driver, two high-performance BA drivers(one Knowles, one Sonion), and two highly-resolving EST drivers. These drivers are tuned to deliver a smooth and natural sound response with high-resolution clarity and rich vocal performance.

Four-Channel Frequency Division:-

BGVP NE5 integrates a professionally designed four-way frequency division using acoustic tubes. This system divides the Dual EST drivers, Dual BA drivers, and one Dynamic Driver independently presenting a well-balanced sound with no frequency overlapping issues with the pair. The DD is tuned for a thunderous lower end, Sonion 2300 series BA driver produces an accurate mid-range, Knowles independent RAD driver is here for a smooth high-frequency response, and the dual EST drivers provide a smooth and highly detailed ultra-high frequency response.


CNC Machined Ear Cavities With Stunning Diamond Cut Faceplates:-

The earpieces here in NE5 are made using a high-precision 5-axis CNC machining process. They are made up of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, polished and electroplated for a smooth, textured finish. The cavities have an ergonomic design ensuring a comfortable fit for most of its users. BGVP NE5 boasts stunning high-tech looks thanks to the diamond-cut faceplates that are made after dozens of sanding and polishing processes to achieve the desired finish.

Different Sound Profiles With Sount Tuning Nozzles:-

BGVP NE5 comes packed with three sets of different sound tuning nozzles, a pair of Red, a pair of Gold, and a pair of Silver nozzles. Red nozzles provide a smooth, balanced sound, golden brings slight emphasis on the lower treble portion, and the grey nozzle brings improvements to the lower end.


Fifth-Generation 3D Printed Acoustic Cavity:-

BGVP NE5 features a new 3D printed internal acoustic cavity that helps in easy placement of different drivers and at the same time allows for tuning the pair using customized acoustic damping. This helps in effectively reducing the harmonic distortion in the output, presenting a pure, natural sound for its users.

High-Quality Silver-Plated Cable:-

BGVP bundles the NE5 with a premium 6N silver-plated single-crystal copper cable with standard MMCX connectors. It provides smooth signal transmission with ultra-low distortion and also prevents signal loss during the transmission. With standard MMCX connectors, users can also switch between different upgrade cables with ease.

Price & Availability:-

BGVP NE5 is officially launched in two different color options, Silver and Grey. You can order one for yourself from our store for just 499$, check out more details here.

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