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BGVP DM9: Latest Flagship With Nine-Driver Hybrid Configuration(4EST+4BA+1DD)

BGVP DM9: Latest Flagship With Nine-Driver Hybrid Configuration(4EST+4BA+1DD)

BGVP has been a known name in the HiFi audio industry for years. Over the years, BGVP has garnered its capabilities as a big manufacturer of budget and premium in-ear monitors. Today, BGVP has released its latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors, presenting you all the super amazing BGVP DM9. DM9 is actually the ninth generation of their widely-acclaimed “DM” series of IEMs. Earlier, the “DM” series was focused primarily on multi-BA driver IEMs, but the latest DM9 brings a change with a nine-driver tribrid configuration enclosed in stunning wooden ear shells!! With professional craftsmanship, and precise tuning adjustments, BGVP promises flagship-grade high-resolution audio output for the listeners.


BGVP DM9 is launched officially for 679.99$, you can check more details about DM9 here.

DM9 brings us a powerful nine-driver configuration on each side. The pair houses a 9.2mm custom-developed liquid-silicone dynamic driver unit paired with four high-performance BA drivers from Sonion and Knowles, and four highly-resolving low-voltage EST drivers from Sonion. Sonion EST65QB02 drivers produce excellent ultra-high-frequency band, while E50 series Sonion composite BA drivers produce rich treble, and RAD series Knowles + Sonion 2300 series BA drivers produce a lovely midrange presentation. The 9.2mm dynamic driver unit has got the authority to produce an impactful lower-end response. 


These nine drivers on each side are arranged together using a precisely designed four-way frequency crossover. This crossover is achieved with physical acoustic tubes that tea the output directly from the mouth of the drivers to the output nozzle. The duct tubes are properly filled with acoustic dampening foams to achieve the intended sound with lower distortion in the output signal. This four-way crossover also allows each driver to work effortlessly and produce crisp Hi-Res sound with low multi-driver distortion.


BGVP has treated the users of DM9 with ultra-beautiful Nebula-themed dyed cured wood ear shells. Each shell has got its own unique texture and finish. They have a grainy texture with a beautiful nebula sky-like printed pattern. The pair has been designed after deep research on huge data of ear mold samples. The pair has been designed with an ergonomic shape and a lightweight design both of which ensure a comfortable wearing experience for most users.


BGVP DM9 includes a high-purity 6N OCC Silver-Plated Graphene mixed hybrid cable. The cable adopts high-quality MMCX connectors and supports a swappable termination plug system.  DM9 includes a 3.5mm and a 4.4mm termination plug that can be switched easily based on the requirement. A high-quality monocrystalline wire core with Graphene mixed hybrid design gives the DM9 a smooth and rich sound tone.

BGVP DM9 is the latest flagship that will commence the lineup of BGVP. It’s launched for 679.99$,  available in two stunning color options. You can refer more information here.

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