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Aune Yuki Premium Portable DAC/AMP With Dual CS43198 DAC & Discrete Heapdhone Amp Section

Aune Yuki Premium Portable DAC/AMP With Dual CS43198 DAC & Discrete Heapdhone Amp Section

Aune Audio is an exceptional HiFi Audio brand from China. Aune has always kept its aim clear to deliver the best quality sound to its users. They have many successful products including desktop DAC/AMPs, portable Audio players, etc. Today, Aune Audio has introduced a brand new portable USB DAC/AMP, introducing the all-new Aune Yuki. It is a compact portable USB DAC/AMP that is designed with perfection to deliver a top-level sound performance that goes easy on the pocket. We have a premium dual DAC chipset alongside a discrete headphone amp section, both of which are implemented in an innovative dual-layered structure design. The Aune Yuki enhances the way you enjoy your music through your smartphones, PC/Laptops, and even provides HiFi sound performance with your gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch(With UAC1.0 compatibility).

Aune Yuki-1

Aune Yuki is introduced for $169, you can check out more details here. It is also available on our AliExpress store here.

Aune Yuki adopts a dual-layered internal structure. The analog headphone amp section and the digital DAC section, both are placed independently on two different layers that help them produce clearer performance. In the decoding section, we have dual CS43198 DAC chips implemented as independent chips for each channel. As for the amp section, we have a discrete headphone amp chipset designed with 16 transistors forming a 4-chip setup. The amp section on the Aune Yuki is quite powerful easily driving your headphones and in-ear monitors without breaking a sweat. With this powerful amp section, Aune Yuki achieves a maximum output thrust of 4Vrms or 160mW@32Ω through the balanced output port. The Aune Yuki houses dual headphone output ports featuring a single-ended 3.5mm and a balanced 4.4mm port. Since most new IEMs and Headphones come with either 3.5mm or 4.4mm termination, these dual output ports make the Yuki compatible with most products in the market today.

Aune Yuki-2

Aune has featured a hybrid ceramic PCB board on the Yuki. The ceramic PCB is highly durable and also has excellent thermal conductivity allowing the DAC/AMP to run cool and provide smoother performance across the frequency band. Aune Yuki has an exquisite premium build quality. The device is compact in footprint with a CNC-machined metallic chassis. It has dedicated volume adjustment keys and also features a glass window showcasing the intricate craftsmanship by Aune on the ceramic PCB board.

Aune Yuki-3

Aune Yuki is a well-built device with exceptional sound characteristics. It’s premium DAC along with the self-developed headphone amp section has been carefully crafted by Aune to deliver a mesmerizing sound performance. Aune’s signature rich sound is going to be there making you enjoy your every single listening session with the DAC/AMP. Aune Yuki is launched officially for 169$, more details are available here.

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