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Aune Launches S9c Pro All-in-One DAC/Amp with ES9068AS Dual DAC and Full-Discrete Amplification!!

Aune Launches S9c Pro All-in-One DAC/Amp with ES9068AS Dual DAC and Full-Discrete Amplification!!

Aune Audio is a famous name in the HiFi audio market. The brand is known for its outstanding range of HiFi audio gear primarily including Desktop Audio Decoders, Headphone Amplifiers, etc. Today, Aune Audio has come up with the latest generation of its all-in-one desktop DAC & AMP with the launch of the latest Aune S9c Pro. Packed with 2nd generation PLL Ultra-Low-Jitter Core architecture, dual high-performance ES9068AS chips, a fully discrete amp section, and 16x MQA decoding, the Aune S9c Pro is here to elevate your music listening experience and take it to the next level of awesomeness!!

Aune S9c Pro-1

Aune S9c Pro is available for 699$ for the standard variant and the Bluetooth variant is priced at 739$, you can check out more information here.

Over the past 4 years, Aune has designed the new 2nd generation ultra-low jitter PLL core architecture which they have featured on the S9c Pro. It is a complex algorithm that enables the device to output frequencies corresponding to different resolution. It enables a full ultra-low-jitter clock across different inputs including USB, Bluetooth, Coaxial, and Optical. It also enables external clock support and its proper implementation that results in a pure and natural sound delivery. The Aune S9c pro supports a 10M external clock.

Aune S9c Pro-2

Aune S9c Pro features a premium dual DAC arrangement featuring two ES9068A decoding chips from ESS Sabre Technologies. ES9068A is a latest-generation 32-Bit DAC chipset which is arranged here in a balanced arrangement, one chip for each channel. It provides exceptional sound quality performance with ultra-low distortion and high SNR performance, and the resulting sound is clean and noise-free. Matched with an XMOS USB processor chip and 2nd generation PLL Ultra-low Jitter Clock, the Aune S9c Pro provides complete high-resolution audio signal decoding support. It supports 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD512, and 16x MQA signal decoding.

Aune S9c Pro-3

Aune S9c Pro has a powerful fully discrete headphone amplification circuitry. It has a strong output power rating of up to 5W through the balanced port. The Aune S9c Pro can easily drive most headphones and IEMs without trouble. The DAC/Amp has multiple headphone output ports including 4.4mm and 4-pin XLR balanced ports and a 6.35mm single-ended port as well. Users will be able to easily connect their headphones and IEMs to the device easily. As for input, the S9c Pro also has multiple options including USB, Bluetooth, Coaxial, Optical, etc. Bluetooth connectivity here supports advanced high-resolution codecs including LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, etc.

Aune S9c Pro has two different sound signatures with dual digital filters. This is done by two different PLL modes and digital filters. Mode 1 has a standard profile with fast locking and low-latency performance. It has a neutral and natural sound profile. Mode 2 is pure music mode. It has high-performance PLL with precise clock signals and improved DAC performance. Mode 2 has a cleaner sound with better dynamics and a bigger soundstage.

Aune S9c Pro-4

In order to deliver class-leading sound performance, Aune has featured professional quality components including toroidal power transformers, analog MKP decoupling capacitors, digital isolation transformers, SMT film capacitors, matching output transistors, etc on the S9c Pro. Aune S9c Pro has exceptional sound capabilities. This single device can act as your one-stop solution for all your HiFi needs on a desktop chain. It is launched officially for 699$, you can check out more information here.

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