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Audirect Beam 3 Pro Powerful USB Type-C DAC/AMP With MQA Support

Audirect Beam 3 Pro Powerful USB Type-C DAC/AMP With MQA Support

In this era of Type-C USB connections, We have got an outstanding range of Portable USB DAC/AMPs. They are capable of bringing drastic improvements in sound quality straight off a smartphone or even Windows/MAC devices. Audirect is a brand that has expertise in designing portable HiFi audio decoders and amplifiers to use with smartphones and other systems. They have released their latest iteration in the premium “BEAM” series of USB DAC/AMPs, the all-new Audirect Beam 3 Pro. Beam 3 Pro is a powerful USB DAC/Amp designed for full-sized headphones and high-impedance IEMs. It features a premium ES9281AC Pro that provides high-resolution PCM and DSD signal decoding. Beam 3 Pro also acts as an MQA Renderer function bringing master quality streaming to your smartphones. Audirect Beam 3 Pro is priced at 149.99$, check out more details here.

Audirect Beam 3 Pro-1


>Premium ES9281AC Pro DAC Chip.

>Dual independent OPAMP chips.

>High-Res 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 decoding.

>MQA Renderer.

>Three-level gain modes.

>Anti-Glare glass.

>Small led indicator.

Technical Parameters:-

>DAC chip: ES9281AC Pro.

>3.5mm Single-Ended output.

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz(@0.032dB).

>Output Power: 427mVrms(Low gain), 1.65Vrms(Medium gain), 2.88Vrms(High gain).

>Max Power: 115mW(16Ω), 150mW(32Ω), 13mW(600Ω).

>SNR: -118dB.

>THD+N: 0.0003%.

>Size: 53*15*10mm.

>Weight: 23grams.

Audirect Beam 3 Pro-2

Powerful Independent DAC and AMP Chips:-

Audirect has featured an ES9281AC Pro audio signal decoding chip from ESS Sabre Technologies in the Beam 3 Pro. It enables Beam 3 pro to provide high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 decoding with your smartphone. The ESS Sabre DAC helps the Beam 3 Pro achieve an ultra-low THD+N rating of as low as 0.0003%. It is paired with dual independent OPAMP chips offering quality signal amplification with the Beam 3 pro.

Powerful Amplification Suitable For High-Demanding Headphones & IEMs:-

BEAM 3 Pro with its dual independent OP-AMP chips provides a powerful output thrust making it suitable for demanding headphones and high-impedance IEMs. The primary amplification has up to 1.3 times the output thrust of Beam 2SE. With secondary amplification, the thrust is up to 1.5 times that of Beam 2SE. It is designed to power demanding full-sized headphones with ease.

Audirect Beam 3 Pro-3

Full MQA Support:-

Beam 3 pro is not only limited to high-res PCM and DSD signals, it also supports the MQA rendering function. It fully expands the MQA(Master Quality Authenticated) audio files bringing true master quality audio enjoyment to your smartphones.

Three Level Gain With Level Indicator:-

Audirect Beam 3 pro supports three different gain levels, low, medium, and high. It has a small led gain level indicator that glows in different colors indicating the active gain mode. At low gain, Beam 3 Pro has an output rating of 427mVrms, At mid gain we get 1.65Vrms, and at High gain Beam 3 Pro outputs 2.88Vrms.

Audirect Beam 3 Pro-4

Pricing & Availability:-

Audirect Beam 3 pro is launched worldwide for 149.99$. It is available to order with us here, shipments have already begun, order yours today!!

Shipping Policy:-

1) 【Express】 FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide, 

2) 【Premium】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duties are prepaid by HiFiGo 

3) 【Priority】 1-2 weeks , All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo. 

Europe 30 Countries, FREE shipping on $300+.

US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH, FREE shipping on $100+.

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