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Audirect Beam 3 Plus Latest Bluetooth and USB DAC/AMP Released

Audirect Beam 3 Plus Latest Bluetooth and USB DAC/AMP Released

Following the success of the Beam 2 series of portable USB DAC/AMPs, Audirect has announced the latest Beam 3 Plus. It is no longer only a portable USB DAC/AMP but now also supports high-resolution Bluetooth streaming. The Beam 3 Plus is equipped with a high-tech Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip providing seamless Bluetooth connectivity with LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, SBC, and AAC high-resolution Bluetooth codecs. It is not your regular Bluetooth DAC/AMP that will provide basic decoding over USB connections, the Beam 3 Plus supports advanced PCM 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512 native decoding over USB connections. Beam 3 Plus houses two headphone output ports, a 4.4mm balanced and another 3.5mm single-ended providing the user option to go balanced or single-ended. Audirect Beam 3 Plus is available to order from our store with a price tag of 189.99$, order yours today here.

Audirect Beam 3 Plus-1


>Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth Chip.

>Dual OP AMP Chips.

>ES9281AC DAC Chip.

>MQA Decoding Support.

>High-Resolution Decoding.

>Dual Headphone Output Ports: 3.5mm+4.4mm.

>Easy to switch between USB and Bluetooth DAC/AMP mode.

>Three level gain mode.

>THD+N: 0.0003%.

>USB Input Type: USB Type-C.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.

>SNR: -118dB.

>Output Parameters(4.4mm): ≥110mW(16Ω), ≥230mW(32Ω), ≥27.78mW(600Ω).

>Output Parameters(3.5mm): ≥141mW(16Ω), ≥122mW(32Ω), ≥7mW(600Ω).

>Net-Weight: 69grams.

>Dimensions: 75mm x 39mm x 12mm.

Audirect Beam 3 Plus-2

High-Resolution Bluetooth & USB DAC/AMP Decoder:-

Audirect Beam 3 Plus can serve as both Bluetooth or USB high-resolution DAC/AMP device. There’s a switch at the top of the Beam 3 to choose between both modes. Usually, Bluetooth DAC/AMPs provide basic audio signal decoding up to 24kHz/48kHz bitrate, but the Beam 3 Plus provides high-resolution audio signal decoding with up to 32-Bit/768kHz bitrate. For DSD the Beam 3 Plus supports up to DSD512 natively.

Audirect Beam 3 Plus-3

High-Resolution Bluetooth Connectivity:-

Audirect has equipped the Beam 3 Plus with Qualcomm’s high-quality CSR8675 Bluetooth chip that provides a strong, stable Bluetooth connection with high-resolution streaming support. It supports LDAC/AptXHD/AptX/SBC/AAC high-resolution wireless codec for high-quality streaming.

Full MQA Decoding:-

Along with high-resolution PCM and DSD decoding, the latest Audirect Beam 3 Plus is capable of MQA decoding. MQA(Master Quality Authenticated) is an advanced technology where the high-resolution music files are wrapped into smaller file sizes to make them easy to store and stream. MQA certified devices unfold the MQA files to provide a high-resolution experience.

High-Performance ESS Sabre DAC With Dual OPAMPs:-

Audirect Beam 3 Plus features a high-performance ES9281AC audio signal decoding chip by ESS Sabre Technologies. It provides clean and transparent audio signal decoding with low distortion and high SNR ratings ensuring a clean, distortion-free output for its users. The premium DAC chip is paired with two powerful Operational amplifier chips for a powerful output stage.

Audirect Beam 3 Plus-4

Dual Headphone Output Ports:-

Audirect Beam 3 Plus features two headphone output ports, one single-ended 3.5mm and another balanced 4.4mm port. The balanced port outputs up to 230mW of power while the single-ended port provides up to 141mW of power, more than enough to power IEMs and headphones with ease.

Adjustable Three Level Gain:-

Audirect Beam 3 Plus has a three-level gain mode that can be adjusted using the gain switch on the side of the device. It helps the users to pair the Beam 3 Plus with sensitive as well as demanding headphones.

Audirect Beam 3 Plus-5

Pricing & Availability:-

Audirect Beam 3 Plus is available to order from our store for just 189.99$. It can serve as both USB as well as Bluetooth DAC/AMP, bringing high-resolution audio to the masses. Know more here.

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