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AudioSense DT200 Released!!

AudioSense DT200 Released!!

AudioSense is not a new name in the audio industry. They have created some amazing products with premium build and high-quality sound output. Their AudioSense T800 is a widely known pair of in-ear monitors from the brand that offers an unmatched sound quality output at a price of around 300$. This time AudioSense is releasing a new dual BA driver pair of in-ear monitors, the AudioSense DT200.

AudioSense DT200-1

The AudioSense DT200 is priced at 149$, you can order a pair for yourself from our store here.

Technical Specifications of AudioSense DT200:-

>Dual Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers Setups on each side.

>Driver Configuration: One BA for handling Highs, and One BA for handling Mids and Lower end.

>Impedance: 14 ohms.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-22kHz.

>Sensitivity: 99 +/- 3dB.

>Noise Isolation: Up to 30dB.

>3D Printed Medical Grade Skin Friendly Resin Shells.

3D Printed Medical Grade Resin Shells:-

AudioSense DT200-2

The earpieces are made up of the same medical-grade resin shells as its flagship model T800. It features a high precision industry-grade 3D printing technology for the shell and a carbon fiber printed faceplate with metallic DT200 logo. The Resin material is completely skin-friendly. It features an ergonomic design and coupled with resin material, the earpieces are very lightweight and will provide a comfortable fit to the users.

Dual Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers:-

AudioSense DT200-3

The AudioSense DT200 features a dual Knowles balanced armature units on each side for reproducing a natural and lifelike sound output. The sound output is crisp, clear. It reproduces a fast and deep bass response, vocals sound rich and natural, while the treble holds crisp details to provide the users with clear instrument separation and imaging.

Universal MMCX Connector Type:-

AudioSense DT200-4

The AudioSense DT200 earpieces have an MMCX connector type. Removable cables also make it easier to clean up the earpieces. This also makes replacing or changing the cables easier for the users.

The AudioSense DT200 surely look a promising pair of in-ear monitor, we are already familiar with their brilliant craftsmanship with the T800, we are really excited to try out the DT200. The pair is priced at just 149$, you can order a pair from our store here.


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