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Astrotec Volans Latest IEM Released

Astrotec Volans Latest IEM Released

In-Ear Monitors are one of the most widely used audio gear in the market. Everyone has one or more pairs of in-ear monitors as they are widely available, provide good isolation, and bring high-quality music at the ease of your ears. There are many brands around the globe that have teams constantly in researching, developing, and improving the IEM market bringing new innovations. Astrotec is such a brand, they have class-leading products with a premium build and brilliant sonic output performance. They are well known for their Lyra series of earbuds, Phoenix IEMs, and many more products. They have released an all-new pair of in-ear monitors, the Astrotec Volans. The main attraction of Volans is a single high-performance 10.5mm Tesla magnetic copper driver unit enclosed in well-designed elegant ear shells. The pair is available in two different colors, Blue and Green. It is priced at 329$, check out more details here.

Astrotec Volans-1


>High-Performance Tesla Magnetic Copper Driver.

>Multi-Layer Biological Diaphragm.

>Extra-Wide Band Transducer.

Technical Specifications:-

>Large 10.5mm Tesla Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Impedance: 32 Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 110dB/mW.

>Frequency Response Range: 8Hz-40kHz.

>High-Purity OFC Cable with 3.5mm Gold-plated Plug.

>Universal MMCX connectors.

Finest Sound Quality:-

The Astrotec Volans features the world’s first whole copper dynamic driver unit. Earlier music instruments were used to be made with copper material because it has excellent acoustic properties. They tend to have a crisp, and smooth sound characteristics and that is what defines the Astrotec Volans. The pair has a beautiful well-detailed sound output with utmost clarity, powerful bass, and lush vocals. Micro details in your music will come to life with the Volans.

Year’s of Research & Development:-

Astrotec Volans-2

The R&D team at Astrotec has years of work experience. One look at the Volans and you will notice the beautiful and eye-catchy design of the earpieces. They are available in two different colors, Galaxy Blue, and Mint Green, believe us you are gonna have a hard time choosing the color between both of them. They both look astonishingly beautiful and impressive.

Ultra-Wide Frequency Range:-

The Astrotec Volans is tuned professionally with the utmost precision and importance to every single detail in your music. They have amazing extensions at the lower and higher ends with a frequency response range of 8Hz-40kHz. There will be no detail that will go missing from your music.

High-Purity OFC Cable:-

The Astrotec Volans comes with a high-purity OFC cable equipped with universal MMCX connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug. The universal MMCX connectors provide a firm connection between the cable and the IEMs.

Astrotec Volans-3

Astrotec Volans is an outstanding looking product with a premium build quality. It is the world’s first pair of in-ear monitors with a Tesla magnetic copper driver unit in a multi-layer biological diaphragm unit. The pair offers a lively and powerful sound output. It is priced at 329$, you can check out more details here.

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