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8 Upgrades in XDuoo XD-05 Plus vs. XD-05 Basic DAC/ AMP | Hifigo

8 Upgrades in XDuoo XD-05 Plus vs. XD-05 Basic DAC/ AMP | Hifigo

It is said by xDuoo that the sales volume of  XD-05 Basic exceeds 12500 units until now! A variety of suggestions and questions from consumers and dealers about the   XD-05 Basic.

“Can the power of XD-05 be more?”

“Can XD-05 power XXXΩ  headphones?”

“Can  XD-05 connect to cellphone wireless  ?”

 XDuoo noticed that the demands are basically focused on power improvement and matching.  XDuoo starts to improve XD-05 Basic. So they launched the new XDuoo XD-05 Plus DAC/ AMP at SRP USD 259.99 

What's new of  XD-05 Plus

1. Appearance

Silver case with improved design.  More delicate and durable

Upgrade interface to USB Type-C to improve compatibility and availability.

Increase “BOOST”  to increase power with one button. The button is changed to an oval shape with a groove which is more convenient.

2. Increase output power.

Comparing with  XD-05 Basic, the main upgrade is focused on hardware and performance.

You cannot take the big DAC with wires to your bed once you want to enjoy music with headphones, that's why people like small portable XD-05 Basic DAC.

XDuoo XD-05 Plus DAC/ AMP refresh output power from 500mW@32Ω of XD-05Basic to 1000mW@32Ω to drive more headphones and deliver better sound performance.

3. Ultra-low noise LDO voltage regulator

XDuoo XD-05 Plus DAC/ AMP with optimized voltage regulating circuit to power decoder chip, LPF, amp, XMOS, and digital receiver chip separately, which reduces mutual interference between components and deliver clean sound as well as better battery life.

4. Upgrade decoding chip from AK4490 to AK4493EQ

XD-05 Plus refresh decoder chip from  AK4490 of XD-05Basic to  AK4493EQ. The excellent decoding performance brings us more details, lower distortion, and higher signal-to-noise ratio. It supports native DSD, DXD and PCM audio file decoding to meet the lossless decoding needs of most people.

5. Refresh receiver chip from XMOS U8 to XMOS XU208

XD-05 Plus upgrades the USB receiver chip from XMOS U8 on XD-05Basic to XMOS XU208 which increases sampling rates up to 32 BIT/384 kHz.What's more, it could support DSD64 (DOP) with fiber/coaxial input for more fun.

In addition, XD-05Plus has revolutionized the architecture of the digital audio component, opts a dual-chip low phase noise oscillator and CPLD chip to reduce jitter.

6.Interchangeable dual op-amp to changeable two single op-amps

Exchangeable OPAs ( operational amplifier) and a variety of adjustable modes to meet different listening tastes.

XDuoo XD-05 Plus DAC/ AMP keep the replaceable OPA design of XD-05Basic which is reputational. However, they upgrade the interchangeable dual op-amp to interchangeable two single op-amps. Meanwhile, bass gain, DAC filtering, and SRC up-scaling bring us more fun.

7. Faster charging & better battery life.

XDuoo XD-05 Plus DAC/ AMP optimizes battery section, reduces the charging time to 30 minutes and increases the battery capacity from 4000mAh to 5000mAh. Under the mode of  "BOOST" off, 2hours battery life more with USB "SPDIF IN" , 3 hours battery life more with coaxial/fiber digital input; 17 hours battery life more with "AUX IN" analog input. 

8. Bluetooth accessory updated. 

XD-05 Plus supports both Bluetooth 5.0 and USB connection. The unit does not support Bluetooth by itself but does have an add-on, the 05BL that adds this functionality, however, the 05BL Pro brings better performance. 


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David Moreira - November 9, 2019

Re: Xduoo XD-05 Plus
What vertical clearance space is there for upgrading the dual opamp? I’m looking at the Sparkos Labs dual discrete opamp, but it requires .45inches vertical clearance. The popular Burson V5i is only .29inches tall.

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